Long-Term Care Made Easy: Policy Solver Simplifies Long Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Made Easy: Policy Solver Simplifies Long Term Care Planning
Approximately seven out of ten people over 65 may require long-term care. A key part of Policy Solver’s mission is to provide a customized comprehensive consulting service tailored to meet your needs.

November 1, 2022 – Virginia, United States – Most people find long-term care insurance to be a daunting prospect. Policy Solver will assist you in choosing the long-term care solutions most suitable for you. Policy Solver sets itself apart from the competition by providing individualized consultation to help you identify the most appropriate plan to meet your needs and budget. Experts in regulations, reimbursement rules, and facility operations, Policy Solver’s consultants understand the challenges you face and the opportunities you can take advantage of. To simplify the process, Policy Solver will be there for you at every stage of the process to ensure it is as easy as possible for you.

Long-term care encompasses anyone struggling with “Activities of Daily Living,” or everyday tasks and responsibilities.

Most Americans underestimate the risk of getting long-term care insurance coverage and worry about making financial plans for the future so that loved ones won’t have to shoulder the costs of a family member who needs long-term care.

How can Policy Solver help you? The consultants at Policy can help you maintain your financial health by going over your options on the best way to fund long-term care.

The good news from Policy Solver was further explained by Stephanie Wilson, Chief Operating Officer: 

“With Policy Solver, we want you to be knowledgeable, confident, and in control of your long-term care planning. Most Americans believe that Medicare will cover everything when they retire, resulting in them outliving their financial resources. Most end up exhausting their retirement savings which greatly affects their financial security.

Planning ahead and establishing a long-term care funding plan are a few of the services our consultants can provide for you. No matter how you pay for your long-term care, whether it’s through annuities, reverse mortgages, or a government program, we can help you customize your long-term care plan to ensure the costs are included and are part of your retirement planning.

Our consultants will provide you with advice and guidance on your next steps when you’re ready to move forward.”

Visit their website for more customized planning and individual consulting.

About Policy Solver: 

Policy Solver is a consumer-focused insurance broker, specializing in helping people get the information they need to make the right decisions when it comes to insurance. 

They provide unbiased content, helpful tools, and resources to help people plan for their insurance needs, and are specifically focused on insurance products like long-term care insurance, Medicare, and disability insurance.  Policy Solver has agents with over 25+ years of experience and will work to craft the right insurance solution for each individual or family’s unique needs.

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