How To Become an Au Pair and Work in a Unique Cultural Experience According to

How To Become an Au Pair and Work in a Unique Cultural Experience According to

Many young people desire to travel and experience a culture that is different from their own. Many young people also very much enjoy working with children and young people. These two facts come together perfectly when the opportunity to become an au pair presents itself. Au pairs enjoy the chance to travel and provide childcare for host families.

Definition of an Au Pair

Au pairs are young people from one country working in another to gain cultural awareness by experiencing a foreign country with a host family’s safety, protection, and support. They provide childcare to their host family and in return, have a place to live, spending money, and scheduled time off, all according to a pre-arranged contract. The au pair functions much as a contributing member of the host family.  

Because most people know au pairs care for children, they are often confused with a nanny. While the two jobs share some similarities and overlap in duties, they are not synonymous. A nanny is a professional caregiver who embarked upon a career. An au pair is like a cross between a babysitter and a cultural exchange student. 

Benefits of Becoming an Au Pair

The primary benefit that lures most au pairs is the opportunity to broaden their range of life experiences. Becoming an au pair offers an unparalleled opportunity not just to stay at a bed and breakfast, as an average visitor might do, but to be a family member in a foreign country.

According to, Work in Canada: How to become a nanny for a year? this is the salary, there is a particular incentive for young people wishing to travel to countries like America and Canada, whose cultures broadcast worldwide. The length of the contract for au pairs varies. Typical contract lengths range from 6, 9, and 12 months. Some au pairs change countries or host families when their contract period ends, while others stay on and form deeper attachments to their host family and the local community.

Achieving the Dream

The idea of such an adventure is infectious, and the question quickly becomes how to become an au pair. One will need to get more info by finding an agency that will work with to help one reach their goals. An agency such as Go Au Pair can supply the information, provide the contacts and schedule the interviews and screenings necessary to give one and the host family this unique opportunity. 

It is essential to work with qualified individuals when becoming an au pair. Agencies have the experience and international resources to ensure that one’s au pair experience is safe and successful. Every au pair looks forward to having a home base from which to experience a foreign country. 

A successful au pair placement and adventure is within reach of almost any personable, qualified young adult. As is the case with any endeavor, as one moves through life, it is wise to plan carefully to have the best experience. Working with a qualified agency is the pathway to having a successful au pair experience. 

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