HostRooster shares four easy ways to validate business ideas

In accordance with rooster Self-Made Vision 2030, the company’s goal is to equip a global community of customers and enterprises with all they need to flourish in the digital sphere.

HostRooster, a company that helps regular people start their own businesses, provides advice on how to check the viability of a business concept. In addition, in line with their Self-Made Vision 2030, the company’s objective is to empower a global community of customers and entrepreneurs by providing them with all the aid and tools they need to grow in the digital sphere.

According to Jody Jones, senior director of international markets for HostRooster’s marketing strategy team, “minimising the risk aspects in creating businesses has always been tough.” Consequently, the more methods you employ to validate your hypothesis, the safer your launch will be. First, you should try to confirm that your business idea is viable before you write it up as a bad investment.

HostRooster provides four simple strategies for establishing the viability of a business concept and lowering the associated risks.


One of the quickest, least expensive, and most straightforward methods of idea validation is to conduct market research to determine who your target audience is and what they want. For a small investment in time and effort, you can create online surveys and ask all the pertinent questions to better ascertain the wants and price points of your target demographic. You can also request criticism that can be used to refine or reevaluate your concept. Creating a Google Form or using another sophisticated survey tool like Survey Monkey is all that’s needed to verify the information. Having completed your survey, you can begin gathering responses from your target audience. In order to construct a fantastic survey, you should optimise it for mobile devices, tell respondents how long it will take, keep it brief, pay attention to design details, limit the number of required fields, and refrain from requesting data you already own. You can reach your ideal customers by commissioning a social media influencer with access to that demographic to design a survey or poll and offering an incentive for respondents to participate.

Google Keywords Planner

It will be easier for you to write engaging content if you have a good grasp on the most frequently used terms among your target audience. In this light, Google Keywords is a useful and free resource for tracking monthly Google search volume in addition to other related phrase usage. On top of that, Google Keywords can provide invaluable insight into user intent and assist you in crafting the most effective copy for your paid activity. Seeing a big number of people looking for the thing you’re selling can bolster your conviction in it. Keep in mind that the type of the product matters more than the volume of sales.

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

It’s possible that social media sites could be used as a great way to narrow down your target demographic before launching an internet campaign. A fresh Facebook page or LinkedIn Company page is all that’s required. Name and brand your page in accordance with your brand’s standards (if you have any). Try making a couple of creative media files (films or photographs) to use in your campaign. Advertisements, sponsored material, and eye-catching stories may be made in a matter of minutes with the help of HostRooster Studio. Targeting a certain subset of your consumer base is another option. As a final step, launch the campaign for 10 days using the least possible budget, and then assess the outcomes to determine the viability of your concept. When you’re ready to start making money off your product, HostRooster’s Websites + Marketing package can help you swiftly set up shop online and begin selling your wares.

Google AdWords

When compared to advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, Google AdWords can be more expensive but is nonetheless an effective strategy. Advertising on social media channels can’t compare to this, though, because it puts your goods in front of people who are already interested in it and ready to buy.


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