Introducing I Can’t Wait To Vote: Local Mom Teaches Young Children How To Be Engaged Future Voters With Best-Selling Book

This book teaches children about civic engagement, and helps them to understand the power of their voice in their local, and national government.

With Midterm elections around the corner children can now take part in voting conversations in their homes and communities. I Can’t Wait to Vote is now available to equip kids between the ages of 4-7 with a lesson on the importance of voting. 

With civic education dwindling across the nation, Tiffany Lanier is on a mission to bridge the education gap and help young children realize the strength of their voice through community engagement and the power of the vote.

In I Can’t Wait To Vote, Autumn Sky is an inquisitive 6-year old girl on a journey to the polling place with her parents for the first time. Along their quest, Autumn questions everything adults get to vote on in their community. Through the lens of Autumn, this interactive story helps children understand their civic duty, and builds their excitement to vote one day.

Already a No.1 Amazon Best-Seller in Children’s Social Activism & Volunteering, Children’s Politics and Government and Children’s Difficult Discussions–I Can’t Wait to Vote is activating children to think about all the many ways they can engage and contribute to their communities. 

Tiffany Lanier is seeking to help future voters connect the dots between civic duty and the ability to shape the world around them.

As a powerful change agent and dynamic public speaker, Tiffany Lanier is stretching her voice beyond the mic, helping kids and parents alike create fun and engaging civic discussion by taking them on a journey with Autumn and her family as they recognize the collective voting power from the block to the White House.  

“I want children to be excited to vote starting now so the excitement only grows with age.” — Tiffany Lanier

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About Tiffany Lanier

Tiffany Lanier is an Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and creator of I Can’t Wait To Vote, a campaign dedicated to getting people excited about voting and exercising their right to do so. Tiffany is on a mission to activate personal change for collective wellbeing and justice. You can learn more about Tiffany Lanier at

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