Overview of PET Mother Yarn and Mono Yarn Production Line

Presently, the development of chemical fiber industry in the world is very rapid. But just in terms of product quality, most is normal stretch yarn and low stretch yarn, and the grade is medium and low. As the change of market requirement and the development of chemical fiber and the constant of creation of new product during these years, PET filament is moving to Micro filament, differentiation and natural fiber imitation. In this context, more and more relevant personages have been accepting the prospect of PET Mother Yarn and Mono Yarn market.

After splitting, PET mother yarn will be divided to be Mono Yarn. It has the features of high technology, high profit and high value addition. It can be used to produce fishing twine, rope, high density filter screen, printing screen, curtain fabric, havelock, headband and mask, etc. The feature of textile product produced by mother yarn and mono yarn is soft and light with good hand feel. The mainly Mono Yarn manufacture countries are USA, South Korea, China and India, etc.

1. Process of PET mother yarn and mono yarn production

The mainly specifications of PET Mother Yarn are 90D/ 6F, 160D/ 8F, 200D/ 10F, 240D/ 12F, 240D/ 8F, 300D/ 10F. All use FDY technology and currently max process speed is 4300m/ min.

The mainly process flow chart of mother yarn is as follow:

Chips → Drying → Spinning → Quenching → Drawing → Heat setting → Winding

Process of Mono Yarn is as follow:

Mother yarn can be splitted by splitting machine to be mono yarn, splitting speed is 800-1000m/min, and also can be directly produced to be warp beam for weaving on splitting warping machine, warping speed is 400-600m/min. After texturing by DTY machine, Mother Yarn can become to be mono yarn.

2. Yarn property of mother Yarn and mono Yarn

There is no industry standard on yarn property of mother yarn and mono yarn. The follow table is reference data supplied by our customer.

Table 2-1 PET Mother Yarn property

Table 2-2 PET Mono Yarn property


1. M1 is elongation target value decided by both Seller and Buyer.

2. M2 is boiling water shrinkage target value decided by both Seller and Buyer.

3. M3 is OPU target value decided by both Seller and Buyer.

4. Equipment manufacturer and distributor (CTMTC-HTHI).

PET mother yarn and mono yarn has been concerned more and more by market because of the super performance and prospect. Excellent equipment is necessary guarantee.

China Texmatech Co., Ltd (CTMTC-HTHI) is the mainly manufacturer and distributor of complete set filament equipment in China. Companies have been devoting the development and export of filament equipment, especially mother yarn and mono yarn equipment perennially.

Recent years, the equipment supplied by company for PET and PA6 mother yarn has got strong market reaction. The PET Mother Yarn produced by CTMTC-HTHI equipment is famous as high tail transfer rate and high splitting speed. Especially on splitting warping machine, it has won a high admiration because of the high speed, stable production and high efficiency. As per the statistics from customer, the mother yarn splitting success rate is 10%-40% higher than others.


As per new product, PET mother yarn and mono yarn have good market prospect and innovation. It is sure that they will have good presentation in world filament market. Company are looking forward to give help and support to related customer and get the success on PET mother yarn and mono yarn market together.

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