Official announcement, The global finals of the 2022 “Chinese Bridge” launched with the charm of Chinese

On November 1st, the launching ceremony of the global finals of the 2022 “Chinese Bridge” sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation(CLEC)of the Ministry of Education was held in the Sunshine Hall on the 41st floor of Beijing Radio and Television Station. More than 300 contestants from more than 110 countries around the world “gathered online to compete for the global championship of colleges, middle and primary schools this year.

In this “Chinese Bridge” series of Chinese competitions, 131 contestants from 119 divisions in 111 countries will advance to the global finals in the 21st “Chinese Bridge” World College Students Chinese Competition. Ninety-six contestants from 82 divisions in 78 countries will advance to the global finals in the 15th “Chinese Bridge” World Chinese Competition for Middle School Students. The second “Chinese Bridge” World Pupils Chinese Show has 80 contestants from 49 divisions in 41 countries who will advance to the global finals. The competition will select individual champion, continent champion, first prize, second prize, third prize through the assessment of students’ Chinese proficiency, knowledge of China’s national conditions, understanding of Chinese culture and talents, and select individual prizes.

Compared with previous years, this year’s competition is novel in form and innovative in content, focusing on China’s new era development, people’s happy life, ecological civilization and beautiful countryside. The competition system of college students is upgraded, and the formation of teams allows students from all continents to learn from each other’s strengths and complement each other in the competition. With the concept of “Traveling around Beijing”, the Chinese Show for primary school students will lead children to visit ancient monuments and famous landmarks in Beijing, so that they can appreciate the ancient and modern times of Beijing, the capital of China. The middle school students will use “character” and “language” as keywords, so that these online contestants can get to know China from shallow to deep, and take “enjoy Chinese style”, ” enjoy Chinese flavor”, “Chinese poetry” and “China in the new era” as clues, so that the contestants can wander around the great rivers and mountains of China in the cloud and get close to the local cultural customs.

At the launching ceremony, INTO1, an international men’s singing and acting group, performed a song “One Step, One Poem, One Dream”, which exhibited the beauty of Chinese traditional culture. The young people who took part in the competition hoped that the “Chinese Bridge” would be the starting point, and they would take the steps to pursue Chinese dreams. In the interactive session, Ms. Liang Danni used the “Chinese charm of one character” to test the Chinese level of INTO1 group. “Do what you do, love what you do, and accomplish what you do”, a rather difficult topic, has not baffled the young INTO1. She hoped that more cultural exchange activities could be carried out to tell the story of China well, deepen the exchange of civilizations and learn from each other, and promote Chinese culture to the world better.

Professor Zhao Yang from Peking University, Professor Zhang Yiwu from Peking University, Professor Yang Yuling from Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Le Qi from China Communication University, famous actor Liang Danni, host Jiang Hua and folk expert Jiang Bo accepted the appointment letter as the judges’ representatives. The “Chinese Bridge” promotional film of Liang Xiaosheng, Pu Cunxin, Fan Dian, Liu Peiqi, Guan Xiaotong, Hou Yong and other celebrities has been released at the ceremony. As the representative of the judges of this competition, Professor Zhao Yang of Peking University gave sincere support and encouragement to the contestants from all over the world in the interview. He hoped that the contestants would feel the fun of learning Chinese and the splendid scenery of Chinese culture through this “Chinese Bridge”.

The guests lit up the characters “Chinese Bridge” composed of radicals. With the magic and beauty of Chinese characters, they started the 2022 “Chinese Bridge” series Chinese competition.

The “Chinese Bridge” series of Chinese competitions set up a bridge of language, culture, friendship and soul for young students who learn and love Chinese all over the world to show their Chinese level, exchange their learning experience and test their learning achievements. This year’s competition of college, middle and primary school students will meet with the audience in December. What excellent performances the contestants have is worthy of the audience’s expectations!

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