Naija Gists Moves To A New Web Domain

Naija Gists is a popular Nigerian social network that allows communication and message sharing between people in different locations. Naija Gists is a free social network for Nigerians, started out in 2015 to introduce a new way of communication to Nigerians, and to advance the wellbeing of Nigeria. Naija gists owes loyalty to no ideological group, ethnic community or any political party. Its essential responsibility is to be honest and allow free communications among Nigerians. Naija gists promotes a higher level of discussion among Nigerians and other users

Naija gist is an open social network, focused on the best practices and ideals in accordance with the rules of the Nigerian government. It accepts that it is the obligation of the state not exclusively to secure and protect its users, yet in addition to make the circumstances, political, social, financial and social, in which all of its users might accomplish their most elevated potential as people. It is focused on the standard of individual opportunity, however, accepts that all users have obligations as well as privileges.

Naija gist doesn’t, in that frame of mind, object to the freedom of speech, since this would be conflicting with its obligation to individual freedom and opportunity. In any case, it accepts that the state should mediate wisely in the affairs and existence of the country, to limit the unfavorable impacts of free endeavor and guarantee that less advantaged users have sensible and fair admittance to the essential necessities of life.

Naija Gists will consistently maintain the requirement for equity, honor in open life, equivalent admittance to the country’s assets, and equivalent security under the laws of Nigeria for all residents.

Naija gist accepts that Nigeria is a real member of the international community yet holds that she can best satisfy her worldwide commitments provided that her own security and trustworthiness are guaranteed.

Naija Gists logo is the short form of writing Nigeria, which is NG, it can also be for the short form of writing Naija Gists or Nigerian Gists.

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