John Vantana Unravels New Secrets in a New Law of Attraction Documentary Movie

Author and researcher, John Vantana, releases a documentary movie on the New Law of Attraction with more than 27k views on YouTube

The Law of Attraction is one of the most popular concepts in the world, with psychologists and other similar professionals preaching it to enable people achieve their full potential. However, John Vantana, is looking to shed more light on the principle, with emphasis on the basic IPBR formula, as he releases a video on YouTube. The video, which is currently doing good numbers on the platform, with more than 27k views.

If you are ready to get into the driver’s seat of your life and attract the life of your dreams, you are in the right place! If you are tired of all those copycat systems and want something tactical, practical and legitimate advanced Law od Attraction system, you are in the right place.” – John Vantana.

How long does it take to manifest something?” they say “it depends” I say “between 30 seconds to 30 days if it’s been longer you did it wrong. it’s like making cookies, if they come out of the oven weird you did it wrong.”

Several schools of thought have come up with their unique perception about the principle and how to leverage the Law of Attraction to grow. The basic IPBR formula is one such perceptions. Unfortunately, many of the available resources are not well-detailed and often vague, with abstract content that are difficult to relate with and implement. Consequently, John Vantana aims to simplify the formula and its usage in the New Law of Attraction movie.

The documentary movie aims to teach the basic IPBR formula for people wishing to improve their lives with the Law of Attraction, personifying the experience, using the concept to get his life back after several devastating events. The viral YouTube video explains The New Law of Attraction, How to use the IPBR formula, and how to manifest in record time. John looks at the Law of  Attraction from a completely different angle, teaching people all the otherwise hidden tenets of the concept.

The user-friendliness of the content, with John detailing the concept in easy-to-understand terms as well as the comprehensiveness of the movie has endeared it to thousands of viewers worldwide.

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