Improve Showering Experience With Vidalux’ New Range Of Electric Shower Pods

Vidalux’ new range of electric shower pods is perfect for anyone looking for a sustainable, economical and practical way to improve their home. They can replace an existing shower or bath or be used as a way to put a bathroom in an area that doesn’t have plumbing.

What one needs to know about electric showers

Electric showers use electricity to heat cold water in much the same way as a kettle does. Once the water is at the right temperature (way below boiling) it is sent up to the shower head. It then pours out in the usual way.

Assuming one buys an electric shower from a reputable brand and have it properly installed, having an electric shower is perfectly safe. The heating element is totally isolated so it’s impossible for one to touch it. There is literally no way one can ever stick their hand on it even when their eyes are full of shampoo.

Old-school electric showers were really a last-gasp option for when one couldn’t have a proper shower. That usually meant when there was no central heating and/or no hot water inlet. Now, however, they’ve improved enough to be useful as replacements for standard showers with a mains connection.

Why more people are buying electric showers

Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Vidalux has noticed a marked increase in demand for electric showers. That’s exactly what prompted him to introduce his new range of electric shower pods. He puts this demand down to two main factors.

The first is the shift away from gas. As Mr Ellis comments “From what I’ve seen there are a lot of people who aren’t quite ready to give up on gas completely just yet. At the same time, they’re not as confident about relying on it as maybe they used to be. Even if they are, they know about its environmental impact. They also know that they’re going to have to move away from gas sooner or later.”

He continues “For these people, buying an electric shower can be a way of becoming less reliant on gas. They know it often helps to lower their carbon footprint significantly. These days, it can lower energy bills significantly too. Having an electric shower inside a shower pod is even more economical because all the heat is trapped inside. None of it is wasted.”.

The second is the ongoing refurbishment of the UK’s properties, especially its older ones. As Mr Ellis points out “The UK has a lot of older properties that are fundamentally sound but very outdated. It’s not just that they have poor energy efficiency (although they generally do). It’s that their layouts don’t work for modern lifestyles. When people refurbish these houses, they often use electric showers for flexibility as much as for efficiency.”.

Why Vidalux introduced its electric shower pods

Mr Ellis’ range of standard shower cabins has long been one of his consistent best sellers. When he realised that the demand for electric showers was here to stay, he decided electric shower buyers deserved the same experience. He, therefore, launched a range of electric shower pods.

The pods are self-contained shower enclosures. They have a (clear) ceiling as well as sides. The fact that they’re self-contained means that all the heat and water from the shower inside the pod. That means, there’s no need to tile the walls around the shower. Unsurprisingly, this is a huge selling point.

As Mr Ellis points out “Tiling is an expensive pain from start to finish. It’s hard work to install and needs regular cleaning to keep it safe. If you get tempted to skip the cleaning, then you usually end up with mildew and/or mould. Then you end up having to use chemicals to get rid of it. Shower pods thankfully put an end to that. They’re also leak-proof, again, unlike tiles.”

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