Farewell To Valparaiso – A Must-Read Book For Anyone Affected By Forced Displacement

Farewell to Valparaiso by Paulo Zavala is a touching photographic book about leaving roots for a safer future.

Farewell to Valparaiso is an auto-biographical photo book about an author wishing to take a good look at his roots again. Still, this time through the perspective of somebody fleeing their country. The book will help readers transmit the pain, fear, and uncertainty of those forced to leave their country due to uncertainties. In addition, the book includes the author’s experiences when he had to leave his own home for a new life in another country.

He tried to tell with elegance, delicacy, and lyricism the feelings he had when he had to leave everything behind and go to another city. The book has been very well received by readers searching for anything that can help them understand their feelings after they were forced to leave their homes.

Farewell to Valparaiso is a tribute to the memory and dignity of a great number of people that had to leave their lives. But it’s also a testimony of an unforgettable experience lived by the author. Zavala’s photographs and stories of his childhood friends are a breathtaking glimpse into a world of displacement, political havoc, and personal struggle. These images will move your heart and soul for generations.

When asked about the feelings associated with the book author said, “If you are in a sane state of mind and possess any capacity for compassion, prepare to have it evoked by Farewell to Valparaiso. It is not a story of an individual but rather of the collective suffering of a generation forced to leave its roots behind without knowing if they will ever return. It’s a personal yet universal tale that can help understand some of the causes and effects of force movement and why it’s such a difficult thing.”

Paulo Zavala has seen the ups and downs of Valparaiso’s destruction until his departure. He hopes with this book, he can bring attention to the destruction of cities worldwide, and people will work together to defend what they cherish in their lives.

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