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Organically sourced coffee and tea products

People love a good dose of caffeine to boost their energy levels and feel less tired, making coffee and tea popular drink choices. At Offset, they are bringing a fresh take to everyone’s favorite drinks with their organic CBD-infused blends.

Offset puts lots of love and careful thought in everything that they do. Particularly, their coffee and tea blends are proof of their best efforts in making sure that people get their daily dose of CBD. Organically sourced from Central and South America and naturally processed with respect to the environment and living creatures, Offset’s coffee and tea products are of the highest quality.

From rich and fruity to light and earthy, Offset definitely has a blend that is perfect for everyone’s varying taste. Currently, they have three coffee selections: Read Between the Lines, To Each His Own, and Wholly Cannoli. For people who enjoy a light artisan roast, Read Between the Lines would be their best bet since it contains notes of honey, vanilla, grape, and blackberry jam. For a more fruity and richer taste, To Each His Own is famous for its medium-bodied roast with berry high nights from the Ethiopian, and the Guatemalean rounding out with a dark chocolate finish. And Lastly, Wholly Cannoli is the blend that would suit those who lean towards the darker blends as this roast boasts of a bold flavor and a full-body base notes of caramel and cardamom with an earthy finish. Each of these blends are artisan roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and are lab tested to ensure proper safety. Whether one likes a light or dark coffee blend, they will all get to enjoy the physical benefits of a CBD-infused coffee.

For the tea lovers out there, Offset has the Ignorance is Bliss tea, a chamomile infused tea that was formulated to help people unwind, relax, and sleep easy. This particular blend has bright and refreshing flavors from spearmint, orange peel, lemongrass, linden leaf, and hawthorn berry. To complete the Offset experience, they also have brew tools like the Stagg Dripper XF, Fellow Stag (XF) Paper Filters, Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle, Fellow Ode Brew Grinder, and Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister.

Offset is not just about their organic CBD-infused coffee and tea blends. They are also hoping to make a mark in the world through their commitment of donating three percent of their annual sales to provide care and support in animal shelters across the Livermore, California area.

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Offset is a brand that offers organic CBD infused coffee and tea products.


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