ActionHeat Apparel Provides Lightweight Warmth and Comfort with Battery-Heated Clothing for Women

ActionHeat Apparel Provides Lightweight Warmth and Comfort with Battery-Heated Clothing for Women
This family-owned company offers sturdy yet comfy heated clothes that are worth the investment.

Wearing battery-heated clothing on a chilly day is a great relief, whether a person is engaging in a winter sport or just having fun with the snow outdoors. However, finding one that keeps the body toasty but at the same time gives a relaxed and light feeling can be difficult, especially for women.

ActionHeat Apparel, a premier brand of battery-heated clothing, understands how heavy this type of winterwear can be, especially for those active females who really enjoy being outdoors during winter. To help ladies wear easy-to-carry yet functional heated winterwear, ActionHeat Apparel offers its line of lightweight wearables with powerful built-in heating elements.

“ActionHeat Apparel allows you to be warm and comfortable without wearing all the bulky layers. It feels like wearing an electric blanket with you wherever you go,” said Ali-Drew Singer, Head of Design at the company.

With ActionHeat’s heated clothing for women, you can enjoy warmth up to 150° that makes being outdoors more comfortable than ever. Fewer layers also mean easier movement for skiing, camping, or simply going for a walk. These heated garments include a lightweight battery pack that can even warm your jacket and charge your cell phone at the same time.

ActionHeat’s designs are also stylish and versatile, whether they are heated socks, gloves, pants, vests, jackets, or scarves. All its products underwent meticulous testing of heating elements, batteries, and garments to provide users worldwide with quality and safe-to-use heated apparel.

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ActionHeat Apparel is a family-owned business offering quality and safe-to-use heated winterwear and accessories. Its products are lightweight yet warm and comfortable, ideal to use for winter sports and other cold-weather outdoor activities.

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