Mental Health Coach, Elease A. Wiggins, Creates Program For Moms Experiencing Burnout, Who Are Seeking Clarity Without Judgement

ReAwaken Your Light is a 7-week boot camp designed for Moms who are unmotivated, experiencing burnout, and in need of support to achieve their goals.

November 4, 2022 – Elease A. Wiggins is delighted to announce the launch of a new program, created specifically for Moms who want relief and clarity without judgment. Titled ReAwaken Your Light, the new program is a 7-week boot camp, structured for to provide Moms experiencing burnout with personalized resources and support to achieve their goals.

According to the mental health coach, Moms can only be the best parents, when they are best to themselves. However, oftentimes past traumas resurface to fill their present with random self-defeating thoughts. Ultimately, this makes it difficult for Moms to remain consistent in achieving their goals.

In January, while on a break from doctoral studies in counselling psychology and an externship, Elease suffered from an extreme lack of motivation due to burnout. The mental health coach recalls feeling worse each time she tried to share her feelings with others only to have them invalidated.

“When I tried to tell anyone what I was experiencing, I ended up feeling worse,” says Elease. “Instead of having a genuine concern for my well-being, I was constantly reminded of important upcoming deadlines, or told to be strong for my children. It bothered me that I had no safe or supportive space to express myself. So, I created one.” – Elease A. Wiggins.

Designed to help Moms improve their communication skills, increase self-awareness and self-confidence, ReAwaken Your Light presents proven coping strategies for managing burnout and being resilient. For 60 to 90 minutes each week, Moms will meet live to discuss topics such as: How to detach emotional pain? Why setting boundaries is important? How being self-aware impacts self-improvement?

Previous participants of ReAwaken Your Light have left sterling reviews affirming its effectiveness, and praising Elease for her unwavering determination and support.

“Elease’s coaching was exactly what I needed! I can see myself accomplishing my goals now.” – Janet 

“Elease’s determination and support can be felt during each communication that I’ve had with her.” – D.Gaines.

“Elease provides a positive outlook to help cope with even the most dismal situations. Her approach is refreshingly manageable and supportive.” – M.Ishmael.

Priced at just $197.00, Moms participating in ReAwaken Your Light, will discover tested systems and strategies that will enable them to detect and manage burnout, as well as gain clarity over challenges. This will help Moms gain deeper insight into who they are, their strengths, capabilities, and potential. 

Proceeds from ReAwaken Your Light will be donated to Communities Promoting Reading (CPR). CPR is a Nonprofit organization that supports low-income student-parents.  

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Anyone interested in joining ReAwaken Your Light can visit its website to register or reach out to Elease for more information via the contact info below.

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