Myla is the world’s first cross-platform metaverse

Promising a unique experience, the platform is attracting attention in the crypto communities

After its launch, Myla, a project within the blockchain-based metaverse with the goal of creating a game where people can interact, compete and profit from it, has been drawing attention in the crypto communities for its diversification and its multi-platform universe, something unique in the world.

Myla’s metaverse was created with the goal of entertaining players from all over the world through its online 3D Universe, where the user can be whatever they want and do whatever they want, from parties, meetings, gatherings or competing against other players, winning battles or taking down rivals to earn rewards.

“This feedback from the community is very gratifying for us, because we are always looking to bring new things to our users. We know the difficulties and the mistrust of the market, but we are working to show that Myla, too, can be more than a metaverse universe. We are listening to the community and bringing benefits and improvements as we receive feedback” reveals Pedro Henrique Caetano, CEO of Myla.

Every Myla universe is called a “Land” where people can customize it the way they see fit, creating their own world, bringing friends to have fun in their Land, charging small maintenance fees and earning rewards for it, besides being able to visit countless Lands of others. It also has KYC and auditing regulated by the regulatory agencies.

“The Land enables the player to earn money and have fun inside with a multitude of possibilities. Users can invest and have their own land, where they will create events, and can also make profits from fees from other players who are inside the land. For those seeking an income or a diversified investment, Myla provides all of this, without leaving home,” says Pedro.

For the coming days, the Myla will enter in a World Cup atmosphere, with many new features that will surprise players. Besides the inclusion of constant updates to renew the game’s characters and skins.

Another novelty is the arrival of three new ambassadors, the singer Latino with custom events within the metaverse, the youtuber and digital influencer Dinosonso who will develop campaigns and donations to NGOs through the metaverse, and the content creator Eduarda Yuni, who will be a playable character. In addition to the new ambassadors, Myla counts Renan Bolsonaro as a brand ambassador.

“In addition to these new updates and new ambassadors, we are in negotiations with the top 20 exchanges in the market. All this to bring more security, technology and credibility to metaverse enthusiasts and Myla,” concludes the CEO.

About Myla

Myla is a project within the blockchain-based metaverse, with the goal of creating a game where people can interact, compete and profit from it. Myla uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) enabled through the Governance Token. Each token will give its bearer the right to vote on decisions related to the platform, such as a board of which you can be a member.

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