The New Aluminium Alloy Zikr1-2022 Features Wake Up Light Alarm Clock and Misbaha Counter

The New Aluminium Alloy Zikr1-2022 Features Wake Up Light Alarm Clock and Misbaha Counter
Misbaha counter

iQibla, a technology company that designs and manufactures smart wearable products for 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, announced today the launch of its new smart ring, Zikr1-2022. The iQibla smart ring is a new generation of Islamic prayer time, direction, and countdown reminder devices designed for Muslims that can be connected with the iQibla app. The Zikr1, the size of an average finger ring, is made of high-end aluminium alloy and can be worn on the left or right hand. It comes in four colors: black, white, green, and gold. The Zikr 1-2022 is the best smart ring on the market. It features a Qibla (direction) Reading OLED Display, a Prayer Counter (Miqat-based prayer counter), a Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, and a Misbaha Counter.

This product also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to three days if used every day in an average 5-minute prayer session. It can be recharged by connecting the device to an adapter or via a USB port on a computer.

“This Zikr1-2022 features much-awaited additional features and functions like a misbaha counter that we’re sure our users will love,” said iQibla CEO. “Team from iQibla have designed the new Zikr1-2022 to be a smart ring that would make us closer to Allah as we are able to perform our prayers five times daily whenever we are on the go.”  

The Zikr1-2022 is waterproof and features a metal alloy body, making it one of the lighter and stronger metal smart rings available on the market. iQibla is also offering a free app that comes with the purchase of each unit for users to personalize their experience. Compared to other smart rings on the market, which are often made from plastic or rubber, Zikr1’s metal alloy body makes it one of the most durable and long-lasting smart rings available.

The iQibla Zikr1-2022 is the first-ever prayer time announcer in the watch industry. It features a Misbaha counter, a wake-up light alarm clock, and more than one thousand calls to prayer. The 2022 model is made of aluminium alloy and has a half metal weight of only 11.7g. It is designed for everyday wear. It can also act as a notification center for messages, calls, and alerts from social networks via the iQibla app. With an elegant design and a subtle vibration alerting users when it’s time for prayer or when they need to wake up, Zikr 1-2022 will make their day a lot easier by syncing with their phone and reminding them everything they need to know when to pray at the right time.

iQibla is a Muslim-focused technology company with the goal of providing Islamic products that easily fit into daily life. Their first major product, the Qibla Watch, is a smartwatch with a focus on prayer times. The Zikr1 2022 ring and Prayer Rug PR1 are their newest offerings; the former features a counter for five prayer time reminders, while the new model is made of aluminium alloy and has a Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, which tells the user when it’s time to pray.

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