RBITO announced its first overseas center in Malaysia officially venturing to Asia Market

RBITO is founded in the United Kingdom specializing in the research and development of artificial intelligence technology. In addition to a team with more than 10 years of experience in technology development and investment analysis, it also holds artificial intelligence, neuroscience and artificial machinery technology from Oxford University, Stanford University and Harvard University.  Apart from focusing in the development and research, the company’s management discovered the potential of sports event arbitration, as sports events market continue to grow despite the raging global Covid-19 pandemic. With a recent statistics shows that the global sports events market in 2021 is valued at 74.2 billion US dollars, and the growth rate is expected to be an average of 10.2% per annum.

As a tech-based research and development corporate, the sports event risk management technology developed by RBITO can detect various risks and opportunities in different markets with it’s sophisticated system.  A unique online trading program that enables 24/7 operations, intelligent risk management to ensure zero-risk profitability, and maintain the same return regardless of economic conditions. The system make it easier for the members to understand the risk and market trends as the  unique software is able to conduct in-dept analysis of the market. The intelligent system also able to identify risks and opportunities in all sports events, and calculate the potential profit of each event, so that members can earn high profits with low risk. Apart from development of technology, RBITO is dedicated to build a more complete ecosystem by cooperating with the world’s top companies and foundations.

RBITO Group decided to expand its business to the world after deeply cultivating its business in Europe and America. After in-dept research of the market, they decided to set up their first RBITO Overseas Center at the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a diversified economic country and it’s obvious geographical advantages  where it’s located in the core strategic position of Southeast Asia, guarding the Strait of Malacca, connecting ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region. The country is also a country that’s committed to attracting modern technology, with infrastructure such as advanced Multimedia Super Corridors (MSCs), high-quality telecommunications networks and services, cyber cities and network centers. These infrastructure plays an important factor for RBITO group’s R&D in the scientific and technological projects. In addition, Malaysia has wide-ranging English-speaking environment, especially for it’s British law in business, fits well with the British business-based RBITO Group.

In June 2020, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin announced that the government will launch a national revitalization plan totaling up to RM35 billion to counter the impact of Covid-19 on the Malaysian economy and the government will inject RM10 billion in funding directly into the scheme. After launching the 2021 digital economy development blueprint during the post pandemic, Malaysia’s digitalization has accelerated significantly. This also prove that the scheme has helped Malaysia quickly recover its economy and create new growth momentum. The country’s growth relative to ASEAN and other Asia-Pacific countries, is a huge factor of the decision for RBITO choosing Malaysia as the first centre for the business expansion of Group.


The Petronas Twin Towers, Pavilion and Mid Valley City are the three most prosperous business districts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and RBITO Center is located in one of the business districts of Mid Valley City. The center is linked to a direct walkway, and it takes only 5 minutes to walk to two large and highly-trafficked business districts in Malaysia, Mid Valley Mega Mall and The Gardens Mall, which also links to two commercial office buildings and two luxury hotels. Aside, the traffic to the centre is also very convenient. There are 3 major railway lines (KTM commuter railway and metro rail), Kuala Lumpur Express Bus, and other traffic made the centre easily accessible. RBITO Center in the capital of Malaysia is expected to have it’s offical launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will hold a grand opening ceremon thereafter. After unveiling the first overseas centre, RBITO will continue to seek strategic cooperation with major top companies, officially kick start it’s expansion to the ASEAN and Asian markets.

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