Nelle’s Naturals Was Made By A Mother Looking To Provide The Best For Her Kids And Is Now An Up-And-Coming Beauty Brand

Made with natural ingredients, Nelle’s Naturals has a full line of products for everything from haircare to bath time. This black and woman-owned business was founded and designed by a caring and talented mother who has made her lovingly-created products available to all.

When choosing the products to use in one’s home, it’s imperative to know exactly what is being purchased and what ingredients are being used, especially when it’s for children. It’s also important that these products work and do what they’re intended to do. 

Nelle’s Naturals is a Philadelphia-based brand founded by a mother for her children. Her expert use of natural ingredients has created a full line of hair and skin care products for the whole family. 

Janelle Richardson, the founder of Nelle’s Naturals

Janelle Richardson is a passionate woman with a desire to create the ideal products for hair and skincare. This police officer and mother of three began her journey with Nelle’s Naturals with the needs of her own children. When her youngest faced issues with losing a large amount of his hair, Janelle wanted to find a solution. 

She completed extensive research and found natural ingredients like fenugreek that were proven to aid in hair growth. Equipped with her new knowledge, she put together a hair oil to tackle her son’s hair loss. That oil worked so well that it became her first product for Nelle’s Naturals. This was just the first of many hair and skin care products she began to create as she continued to research natural ingredients that packed benefits as fenugreek had. 

Nelle’s Naturals becomes a thriving brand

Janelle Richardson’s products worked so well for her own family that she knew she had to share them. It didn’t take long for others to see the amazing benefits and results they received from using Nelle’s Naturals. The small, Philadelphia-based business took off and now supplies numerous families with incredible hair and skin care. 

Every product, from the original Emmanuel’s Hair Oil to the eczema-focused Azariah Butter Cream, is made with natural ingredients that have been used for a long time to naturally provide stunning results. Incredible scents like lemongrass and coffee are achieved with those natural ingredients that pack powerful benefits for hair or skin. 

Janelle has become an expert on natural hair and skincare and is using that expertise to help people everywhere with pampering themselves and their families. Only the best ingredients are put into her carefully-crafted products. 


Nelle’s Naturals has a wide product range packed with powerhouse natural ingredients. From fenugreek to French clay, Nelle’s Naturals has hundreds of great ingredients in all of their products. Founder Janelle Richardson has taken the time to carefully research and design each and every one to build an incredible hair and skincare brand. The benefits of her products are too good to pass up, and one can feel great using them, knowing the natural ingredients are providing stunning and healthy results. 

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