ProjectMaybe Introduces Sci-Fi Time Travelling NFT Collection, “Time is Running Out” (TIRO), Minting on Nov 6th

ProjectMaybe Introduces Sci-Fi Time Travelling NFT Collection, "Time is Running Out" (TIRO), Minting on Nov 6th

Nov 04, 2022 – Project Maybe presents “Time is Running Out” (TIRO), a NFT collection based on a time travelling Sci-Fi theme, minting on Nov 6th at 0.02 ETH. The main focus is to offer utilities to the holders and experience time travelling visions through playing their online game and the Metaverse. Project Maybe is offering whitelist spots, first come first serve on their Discord Server while the supplies last. 

“Time is Running Out” is the first among many upcoming Project Maybe Sci-Fi thematic NFT collections. TRIOs are time travellers known as time heroes, from 2060. These NFTs are randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain, encompassing time travel themes within dynamic NFT art (dNFT), staking, online game, Time Machine on the Metaverse, and many other utilities.  

 Information about TIROS

 TIROS are human clones led by a group of scientists in the Year 2060, who tries to restore the balance in spacetime by travelling to Year 2030 and bringing back $HIGGS to replenish its supplies in 2060. They also told some of their old selves in the Year 2030 about time travel and $HIGGS, and this was how the time machine was invented. The concept is about saving mankind as time is running out. By the year 2060, $HIGGS are depleted due to excessive time travelling, which led to the instability in spacetime and the particles for all organisms. Humans are fading as their particles vibrate excessively, vanishing within a few weeks.

 $HIGGS is known as the “God’s Particle”, a limited element that regulates time to move forward. It can also be burned to travel forward or backwards on the timeline.

 Minting TIRO and Roadmap

 Project Maybe is minting TIROs with Mint Pass holders, whitelists, and the public on November 6th at 0.02 ETH. This is the first milestone of the TIRO project to sell out TIRO NFT.

 The holders of Mint Machine (Mint Pass) are entitled to special discounts and are given priority for TIROs over normal whitelists.

 Gold Mint Machines (Rare) — 2X FREE Mint of “Time is Running Out” NFT

Dark Mint Machine (Normal) — 1X FREE Mint of “Time is Running Out” NFT

TIRO Whitelist — 0.015 ETH Mint Price

Public Mint — 0.02 ETH Mint Price

 Project Maybe Mint Pass holders are also entitled to early access and discounts to different Sci-Fi NFTs in the future. You can get the Mint Machine (Mint Pass) on Opensea.

 Also, TIRO is built based on the Dynamic NFT technology. The NFT art and metadata changes depending on the interaction between the holder and the NFT, transforming to

and from various NFT states, based on staking and other actions. Holders can also upgrade their NFT by taking time pills, which gives them advantages in the online game developed around time travelling.

 Project Maybe also has many future plans on the Metaverse, including building a Time Machine for TIROs. TIRO holders can expect unique experiences on the Time Machine and their own VX, travelling through different eras and upgrading experiences using $HIGGS. There will also be drops of physical streetwear/collectables to show the community of TIROs!

 The vision of Project Maybe is to bring many Sci-Fi themes into the world of NFT and the Metaverse. TIRO and time travelling is only the beginning, follow Project Maybe to see more possibilities. Project Maybe is now offering whitelist spots, first come first serve on their Discord Server while supplies last.

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