CK Mechanical Explains Signs of a Malfunctioning or Damaged Rooftop AC Unit

CK Mechanical Explains Signs of a Malfunctioning or Damaged Rooftop AC Unit
CK Mechanical is a top-rated HVAC company in Aberdeen, MD. In a recent update, the company explained signs of a damaged or malfunctioning rooftop AC unit.

Aberdeen, MD – In a website post, CK Mechanical explained signs of a malfunctioning or damaged rooftop AC unit.

The Aberdeen rooftop AC repair team started by mentioning that if a rooftop AC unit blows out warm air instead of cool, soothing air, it is a sign that it is malfunctioning and needs repair. An AC unit keeps an indoor space cool by removing warm air and bringing in cold air. If an AC can’t produce cold air, it has a minor or major problem.

CK Mechanical, who also offers any commercial refrigeration service in Aberdeen added that if a rooftop AC unit produces a strange, unusual sound, it could be damaged. Buzzing, rattling and banging noises indicate that the cooling system is having an issue and needs repair. The team also said that if a rooftop AC unit produces a weak airflow, that means it is not functioning optimally and should be inspected and fixed by HVAC specialists. 

The Aberdeen team offering rooftop AC unit repair also said that a sudden spike in your energy bill could indicate that the AC unit is struggling and is consuming too much power. They also said that delayed response when one turns on the thermostat is a sign that something is off, and the unit should be checked by AC experts.

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CK Mechanical is a reliable HVAC company serving Aberdeen and nearby areas. The company specializes in commercial air conditioning, including rooftop AC unit installation, repair, and replacement. The HVAC contractor also offers commercial heating systems and services. Also, they offer commercial refrigeration services, including freezer repair, walk-in refrigerator repair, ice machine repair, and more. The HVAC company has highly-trained and certified experts equipped with the right tools and equipment to offer quality HVAC services.

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