ArchLoot Closed Beta Test Phase 3 Ended on November 2nd With Over 8,000 Invited Gamers

ArchLoot has always been pursuing the best gaming quality and substantial economic growth, with users being paramount in both goals.

November 4th, 2022 – Singapore – The GameFi project ArchLoot has recently finished its Closed Beta Test phase 3 on November 2nd. Starting on October 20th, the 2-week-long global event has outperformed the two previous phases pertaining to scale and quality, including the participant number, activeness, user satisfaction, demographic diversity, and also product and marketplace readiness, making another major step towards a successful official launch. 

As a UGC (user-generated content) NFT game, ArchLoot has always been pursuing the best gaming quality and substantial economic growth, with users being paramount in both goals. To test the game’s reception in different markets, ArchLoot rolled out the welcome mat to over 20 guild partners and pulled it off to onboard over 8,000 web2 and web3 gamers from 26 countries and regions, out of 10,000 sign-ups in total. Over 42% of users continued to play the game after their first launch after one week. The peak hours captured over 3,500 online users on a global scale. 

Following the feedback collected during the first and second stages of tests, ArchLoot has considerably increased the server capacity and enhanced in-game designs, highlighting features like an NFT durability system, multiplayer modes, chest system, mysterious islands, and new supporting infrastructures like a self-developed marketplace. The duration allowed these active and diverse sets of gamers to dive into deep content. 

The levelling up and reward system both provides a reasonable depth that balances the accessibility and challenge. Intense grinding will earn abundant resources for players to cultivate better attribute values. Purchasing NFTs and chests in stores and in the marketplace will, on the other hand, accelerate tangible results without having to put the time into master. 

The NFT system, which comprises four rarity levels of NFT body parts, allows beginners to have commo-level NFT gears to enter the game freely, but would later demand more advanced rarer paid NFTs to excel in the gameplay and loot better rewards. The durability system, which erodes the durability of NFTs when the player is defeated until it is entirely drained up, encourages players to formulate better combat skills and importantly, obtain higher-level NFTs. Both systems function together to toe a neat line between a total free-to-play mechanism and a pure pay-to-earn dilemma. 

Based on a dual-token model consisting of the governance token $ALT and the in-game currency $ALG, this test phase opens up the NFT marketplace to gamers to try out fundamental features like transferring, top-up, and withdrawal. Gamers can also trade their NFT body parts, potions, and chests in the marketplace, which can be easily redirected from the game. 

Jonathan Ubavicius, CEO of ArchLoot, said, “The third phase is particularly exciting because of the users. There are both beginners from our guild partners and returning veterans who have been invited to previous tests. We’re incredibly happy to see newcomers hop aboard quickly and quickly grasp the essence of the game, which is your NFT-assembled avatar and battle strategy, while veterans still have a steep evolving curve after an entry-level. Although the broader market is seeing fluctuations, the team is still confident that the product suits diverse gamers’ tastes and is now planning our upcoming grand Open Beta Test very soon.” 

ArchLoot is the first in the industry to introduce interactive NFTgameplay, which fully enables on-chain implementation of upgradeable NFTs. Powered by the unique protocol, EIP 4985 and BEP 129, the technology allows user modifications, such as adding attribute values, to be logged on chain. ArchLoot NFT holders who have purchased Mystery boxes would have the very first chance to test the capacities of their epic and legendary NFT body parts in the game during the Open Beta Test. 

The project has recently updated its roadmap with the rescheduled official launch and game development plans for this quarter. 

About ArchLoot

Launched in 2022, ArchLoot is an NFT-based UGC game with loot-style composability and playability. Built on BNB Chain, it provides the first interactive gameplay in the industry, which fully enables on-chain implementation of upgradeable characters/props NFTs and unleashes its potential for playability and user-generated content robustness. The game intends to build an ecosystem, including a great game and a creative community, that truly achieves a balance between playability, accessibility, and profitability. 

Gathering talents from the world’s leading gaming publishers, blockchain projects, and financial elites, the team has 40 experienced members and is currently operating across continents. The project has expanded its network of investors and collaborations, including Binance NFT, FBG Capital, Alphabet, and YGG SEA to keep fully funded operations and deliver milestone objectives.

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