Brandon J Sellam makes waves as a young entrepreneur, marketing expert, and model

Marketing professional Brandon J Sellam is a 24-year-old influencer and full-stack web developer who is taking the social media scene by storm as an entrepreneur and model of the world – from New York to Miami, Tel Aviv, Paris, Milano, and Barcelona.

Brandon J Sellam is making ripples in the global scene as a highly regarded entrepreneur and marketing professional who speaks three languages: French, Hebrew, and English. He loves fashion, marketing, modeling, and everything in between. 

Brandon J Sellam earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing. Among the things that satisfy him include learning new things, developing new solutions, and solving complicated problems. 

Brandon has recently completed a Full Stack Web Developer Certificate from Columbia University. He is a person who is passionate, devoted, always cheerful, serious, disciplined, and very motivated. His motto is, “My Duty Is Success.”

During last July’s French Independence Day celebration, Brandon wrote: “Celebrating here in New York for six years already, France it’s just one of the most beautiful places GD has created.”

Brandon J Sellam has served as a Marketing Manager at a New York-based company that develops and offers tailor-made payment processing solutions to e-commerce websites, retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants. As a marketing manager, he formulated, directed, and coordinated marketing activities and policies to promote products and services. He also worked with advertising and promotion managers and initiated market research studies or analyzed their findings.

Brandon has always dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur. During his years at the École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées (ESLSCA), a private and independent institution of higher education, he led the realization of a business plan, launching a start-up in New York City that specializes in the food and beverage industry representing $32 Billion of revenues in 2016 in the USA.

During his time at Columbia University in New York City, he helped develop a Code Generator, an app that can generate individuals a secured code. His first project at his coding boot camp was a group project about a website that gives an idea of what to cook with what people already have at their homes. Brandon J Sellam then became associated with Beith Cafe at the Student Association of The Katz School of Yeshiva University, an independent institution chartered by New York State and accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and by several professional agencies.

Brandon J Sellam is skilled in Project Management, Business & Data Analysis, Sales, Marketing, Networking and Leadership, NFTs, Crypto, Web 3.0, and Finance( Investment Banking, Stock Market).

Those who want to collaborate with Brandon J Sellam may send a direct message right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Brandon J Sellam may follow him on his Instagram page via @masterkaizer as well as his other social channels for more information.

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