Investment Exposure To The Booming AI Sector Is Warranted…Here’s Why FatBrain AI Is Topping Investors’ Lists ($LZGI)

Investment Exposure To The Booming AI Sector Is Warranted...Here's Why FatBrain AI Is Topping Investors' Lists ($LZGI)

Investment in the booming artificial intelligence (AI) sector is more than warranted; it’s advised. And with AI as the primary ingredient responsible for ushering in an industry expected to generate over $309 billion in revenue-generating opportunity by 2026, investors may want to take action sooner than later. But don’t be misled by company titles that may exaggerate their participation in the sector, similar to those taking advantage of naive investors during the CBD stock bubble. Instead, do some due diligence and focus on those seizing emerging opportunities with best-in-industry technology. There are plenty to choose from. But from a valuation perspective, LZG International Inc.(OTCQB: LZGI), also known as FatBrain AI, may offer one of the most compelling opportunities to get exposure to the sector at ground-floor prices. 

The value proposition, though, may not last long. That’s the likely result of LZGI earning increasing industry and investor attention after bringing to market some of the most advanced AI-fueled technology that enables clients of all sizes and across multiple industries to compete effectively and advance their company-specific journeys. But here’s the FatBrain AI difference- they are in business to deliver its robust AI solutions to the masses and level the competitive playing field by providing AI solutions once reserved for the industry behemoths. And that opens the door to no small revenue-generating proposition. On the contrary, LZGI revenues could surge exponentially by focusing on and earning business from the millions of companies needing what they sell. 

Thus, not only can LZGI become a bigger company faster, but investors may also benefit from higher valuations that would likely follow. Considering current valuations neglect a portfolio filled with intrinsic and inherent value, those gains could be appreciable. 

AI Solutions Brought To The Mainstream

That’s not an overzealous presumption. Remember, few, probably no one, can successfully argue against the AI sector as one of the most important technological revolutions ever. And, of course, those companies leading parts of the revolution can and likely will be the most rewarded. In other words, there are different areas of focus where individual businesses can shine, and those blazing their own trial certainly will be better positioned to capitalize on and maximize market opportunities ahead of those in the herd. That’s precisely what FatBrain AI is doing by designing, integrating, and implementing AI solutions enabling organizations of any type and size to simplify decision-making and effectively harness data to grow, save, and do better business. By the way, those thinking that LZGI has put itself into a crowded, competitive landscape by targeting the small and medium-sized business sectors have it wrong. The more accurate assessment may be that LZGI is focused on monetizing opportunities where others aren’t. 

That’s excellent news for LZGI, its clients, and investors. The critical component to making things “excellent” for all is the FatBrain AI clients. And it doesn’t appear that LZGI is focused elsewhere. In fact, clients already appreciate FatBrain AI because it equips them with simple-to-use AI solutions that help them reclaim time, save money and boost their bottom lines. Moreover, while providing an immediate impact on their performance today, leveraging FatBrain AI solutions empower them to become the star enterprises of tomorrow (aka mSMEs) and to grow, innovate, and participate in a connected global economy. Hence, a winning proposition for LZGI clients can be a direct value driver for investors.

That makes sense. Higher revenues while keeping costs and capital structures in check typically help increase share prices. And those companies, like LZGI, selling compelling technology paving the way for how global business connects to facilitate a borderless economy, will likely see that result. And there are no shortages of opportunities.

Millions Of Businesses Need What LZGI Sells

It’s estimated that over five hundred million mSME’s need what LZGI sells. In fact, getting those solutions could eliminate many, even most, of the business challenges and problems that have troubled business owners for decades, including having too much data to process, too many variables to decipher, and not enough time to do it. Those limitations cost small businesses money and lengthen the distance between themselves and competitors using AI. But that no longer needs to be the case or the norm. Thanks to FatBrain AI 2.0, client companies are provided an opportunity to solve these once-restrictive problems by harnessing the power of AI and maximizing insights learned from individual behavior and market data.

Perhaps the best news for clients is that they don’t need to understand the technology, so to speak. FatBrain AI does all the heavy lifting. Its AI 2.0 technologies and advanced data services transform continuous learning, narrative reasoning, cloud, and blockchain technologies into auditable, explainable, and easy-to-integrate AI solutions. Simply put, it’s “next-generation” AI, a more explainable, robust, open, and general AI that can effectively integrate data-driven machine learning approaches (bottom-up) with knowledge-guided methods (top-down). It’s also accessible and affordable.

FatBrain AI’s company-specific subscription model allows clients to deploy its advanced AI solutions quickly and easily, securely utilizing them on-premises behind their firewalls or via the cloud. Its growing global footprint is already helping businesses grow more efficiently and profitably worldwide. LZGI’s business presence in the U.S., India, Kazakhstan, and the UK, utilizing FatBrain AI Peer Intelligence, connects to existing SaaS products, where all business data lives, and aligns it with millions of relevant market signals. That includes collating different data sources, mapping against thousands of market data sources, and providing industry-specific data and insights.

While an impressive start on the world stage, expectations are for the LZGI footprint to get significantly more prominent.

Acquisitions Part Of The Plan

Many will say that’s the intent of an acquisition program working at hyper-speed. LZGI acquired SOtechnology (‘SOtech’), an award-winning digital agency based in the UK that delivers award-winning design, development, and digital experience to global clients. As part of its strategic relationship with Dent Global accelerator, SOtech brings proven solutions to start-up and mid-market enterprises advancing eCommerce, eLearning, client portals, and app development.

They also acquired an innovative insuretech platform company, Intellagents. The FatBrain and Intellagents combination empowers businesses, brokers, and insurers to leverage Peer Intelligence technologies to optimize transactions, score risk, enhance productivity and simplify actionable insights for everyone across the insurance supply chain, creating never-seen-before opportunities for growth. It does more.

Intellagents also unifies an insurance-specific integration and API management marketplace with connectors to more than 60 insurance capabilities orchestrated within minutes into unique solutions. That enables insurers and brokers to rapidly realize improvements and efficiencies across multiple domains, including client engagement; channel optimization; risk selection, pricing, fraud mitigation; product speed to market; and “Book of Business” acquisitions. They didn’t stop there. 

They recently added Prime Source to their revenue-generating arsenal. Prime Source is Kazakhstan’s largest independent IT software developer and fifth-largest in Central Asia. Prime Source’s IT engineering scale, paired with FatBrain’s peer intelligence AI and accessible subscription model, enables tens of millions of businesses across the Near East and Central and South Asia to join the data cloud and AI revolution. This deal, like the others, is expected to generate millions of dollars in new revenues. 

There’s more. LZGI also launched its Angelina FX Service (, a free online app that allows businesses engaging in global trade and international payments to instantly identify and unlock foreign exchange (FX) savings. It’s a timely product. 

Those in the sector know that FX is artificially and unnecessarily expensive for small to mid-sized businesses, supported by an International Monetary Fund report suggesting that banks charge up to 25X more in transaction costs than market FX rates. That impacts the bottom lines of roughly 90% of businesses that engage in global commerce or deal in international payments. The bad news is that most companies can’t avoid the issue because FX price discrimination is buried in opaque bank statements. However, LZGI’s Angelina says, “not anymore!” by being the first and only AI-powered FX service tackling discriminatory pricing in the $6.6 trillion-dollar daily foreign exchange market.

Why will global trade businesses seek the help of Angelina? Because with its use, any company impacted by global trade and international payments can unlock FX savings to boost its bottom line. Moreover, with demand for Angelina expected to be high, it can drive LZGI revenues higher, much sooner than later.

A Bullish Q4 And 2023 Proposition

Midway through Q4 and into 2023, the LZGI value proposition looks compelling. Higher revenues and an uplist to the OTCQB markets certainly don’t weaken that presumption. Moreover, with LZGI a company in motion, acquisitions accruing, and a path toward a NASDAQ listing potentially in the crosshairs, LZGI is an excellent company today that’s getting better. 

And with thousands of peers in hundreds of sectors needing what FatBrain AI can deliver, tools to thrive and survive, LZGI can be more than a company-changing value card to millions of mSME clients, it can be an excellent addition to any growth stock portfolio. Considering that Fortune Business Insights forecasts the global AI market to reach nearly $1.4 trillion by this decade’s end, that win-win proposition is likely.


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