Techik new-generation metal detector helps food enterprises to solve practical problems

Metal detector is a common testing equipment in food manufacturing enterprises. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, combined with the automatic elimination device, which can detect and pick the food containing metal foreign bodies to control the risk of foreign bodies.

In the practical application, the detection sensitivity of the metal detector will not only be affected by the product composition, but also by the product position, temperature, metal position, shape and other multiple factors, which will result in the imperfect detection sensitivity and unstable operation.

In view of practical application problems, Techik develops and manufactures a new generation of IMD-IIS series metal testing machine, with higher actual detection sensitivity, more stable operation, which effectively improves customer experience.

Inhibiting product effect, with higher actual sensitivity

Food with high salt or water has a high electrical conductivity, which produces interference signals in the process of passing through the metal detector. This phenomenon is called the “product effect”. Products with a large product effect will have an adverse impact on the actual detection sensitivity. In addition, the product effect is not only affected by its composition, but also quite different when the same product passes through the metal detection machine in different directions.

According to years of practical experience in the industry, Techik will further optimize the key configuration of the launch demodulation circuit and coil system, effectively inhibit the product effect, reduce the difference of product effect and related to the change of product direction, improve the actual sensitivity of testing products, and reduce the difficulty of equipment debugging and use.

IMD-IIS series metal detector can not only effectively detect metal foreign bodies in non-conductive products, but also significantly improve the sensitivity when detecting food with great effect of marinated duck neck, cheese and other products.

Double-road detection, improve the detection effect

The detection effect of the metal detector is also related to the magnetic field frequency of the metal detector. Low frequency magnetic field and high frequency magnetic field are respectively suitable for different products, and the detection of different metal foreign bodies such as iron, copper and stainless steel.

On the basis of effectively inhibiting the product effect, the IMD-IIS series metal detection machine can be equipped with dual-way detection, high and low frequency switching and other functions. For different products, different frequency detection can be replaced to improve the detection effect.

More stable and a longer service life

The high stability of the metal detector means that the metal detector has strong anti-interference ability, lower false positives rate, and all indicators are stable and reliable.

In order to adapt to multiple application scenarios, the equipment balance voltage of IMD-IIS series metal detector is more stable, which not only has stronger anti-interference ability, but also effectively extends the life of the equipment and reduces the operating cost.

The new generation of IMD-IIS series metal detectors, can stably and reliably detect the metal foreign bodies in diversified products, providing food manufacturing enterprises with better effect, more worry-free metal foreign body detection scheme, for food quality and safety escort.

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