Best industrial CNC laser cutting machine

Ideal for laser cutting the large size and thick acrylic sheet to meet diverse advertising and industrial applications. The 1300mm * 2500mm laser cutting table is designed with four-way access. Featured high speed, our acrylic laser cutter machine can reach the cutting speed of 36,000mm per minute. And the ball screw and servo motor transmission system ensure the stability and precision for the high-speed moving of the gantry, which contributes to laser cutting large format materials while ensuring efficiency and quality. Not only that, thick acrylic can be cut by the higher power laser tube of optional 300W and 500W. The CO2 laser cutting machine can cut super thick and large solid materials, like acrylic and wood.

Constant Optical Path Design

With the optimal output optical path length, the consistent laser beam at any point in the range of the cutting table can result in an even cut through the entire material, regardless of thickness. Thanks to that, you can get a better cutting effect for acrylic or wood than the half-flying laser path.

◾ High efficiency and precision

Efficient Transmission System

X-axis precision screw module, Y-axis unilateral ball screw provide excellent stability and precision for the high-speed movement of the gantry. Combined with servo motor, the transmission system creates fairly high production efficiency.

◾ Durable and long service life

Stable mechanical structure

The machine body is welded with a 100mm square tube and undergoes vibration aging and natural aging treatment. Gantry and cutting head use integrated aluminum. The overall configuration ensures a stable working state.

◾ High speed processing

High speed of cutting and engravingOur 1300*2500mm laser cutter can achieve 1-60,000mm /min engraving speed and 1-36,000mm/min cutting speed.At the same time, position accuracy is also guaranteed within 0.05mm, so that it can cut and engrave 1x1mm numbers or letters, totally no problem.

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