Tamanneftegas Prepares for Autumn Season With Combined Set of Measures in Taman

The Tamanneftegas company has undertaken a series of activities aimed at preparing the social infrastructure and other facilities of the Taman Region for hosting sporting events. Among the measures taken were improvements in the social life of the local residents and technical measures aimed at public facilities.

The first step taken by Tamanneftegas in its set of corporate social activities was the installation of street lighting in the village of Volna. The new LED lights were installed throughout the village following their test runs on several streets, including Bugazskaya, Solnechnaya and Bosporskaya. Either more streets will be illuminated by the same type of lighting by the end of the year.

The Taman-Volna municipal road was in continued focus as Tamanneftegas maintained its efforts to rebuild a 2.1 km section of it. Over 11.5 thousand cubic meters of old pavement has already been removed and replaced with new layers consisting of modern construction mixtures. A large number of heavy construction equipment has been employed to make sure that works on the section of the municipal road are completed before the onset of winter and poor weather conditions.

On the social and public frontiers, Tamanneftegas has undertaken efforts to launch a series of open lessons for the children of various schools across the Taman Peninsula. Several experts and specialists of Tamanneftegas were employed to instruct children about fire safety and other hazard prevention and protection measures. Some lessons are focused on the ecological element and provide schoolchildren with the chance to discover the intricacies of the ecosystems existing in the Azov and Black Seas.

Tamanneftegas is pursuing its ongoing efforts at giving talented young people from the Taman Peninsula to achieve higher education in prestigious universities. The incentive payments provided by the company have given several students from Taman the chance to enroll in higher education institutions in St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. The payments are provided for high scores achieved by the students during graduation exams, with a score between 200 and 300 required for being eligible.

Sports is of special focus for Tamanneftegas as the company has continued to support competitions, including the arm-lifting contest that was held on September 3rd in the village of Taman. The challenge brought together 24 athletes, with the youngest being only 9 years old, and the oldest aged 61. Beach volleyball was another important type of sports allocated its own competition that saw the participation of 360 athletes in the Energy Volley tournament. The results were not in favor of the team from Taman, but chances are high that the athletes will compete for the title of champions next year.

On the professional frontier, Tamanneftegas held a series of competitions in the Professionals League category in the port of Taman. The challenges gave the employees of the company the chance to showcase their theoretical and practical knowledge. Special activities were organized for the docker mechanics, repairmen, inspectors and other professionals maintaining the port. The majority of the professionals are residents of the region and have excelled in showcasing their skills.

The rescuers were also given a chance to demonstrate their professionalism in a special competition aimed at mimicking a real disaster. The drill included a rescue scenario and containment of an oil leak from a damaged railroad tank car. The professionals were rewarded with valuable prizes and cash certificates for the demonstration of their skills.

The Tamanneftegas terminal is the largest in a private port in the south of Russia, catering to oil and gas transportation. Tamanneftegas is continuously engaged in the improvement of the social and public constituents of the region, providing various corporate responsibility programs and initiatives. The company was founded by Michel Litvak, billionaire and philanthropist.

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