Lotus Venture Game Club(LVGC) Presents A New Era of Digital Entertainment, Empowering the Traditional Entertainment Industry with Blockchain Technology

The revolutionary Blockchain technology, known for its decentralized property,  has undergone many iterations since its birth. From the introduction of Bitcoin, the ancestor of blockchain technology, to the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), and to the emergence of Metaverse, that caused global hype. The phenomenon of blockchain technology blowing up the internet and the superb performance of various GameFi games (built using blockchain technology) in the past few years are all thanks to the high degree of freedom, fairness, security, and transparency brought by decentralization.

The establishment of the Lotus Venture Game Club was based on the same values. The Lotus Venture Game Club is the first blockchain entertainment ecosystem project initiated by the Los Angeles-based Horton Capital Corporation (HCC). HCC is committed to the field of NFT and DeFi, and actively promotes the development of blockchain technology and the application value of the digital currency. Since its establishment, it has made angel investments in countless potential NFT and DeFi projects, creating a lot of business opportunities for the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields and helping the industry’s growth. In addition, it has significantly contributed to the popularization of blockchain technology.

The Lotus Venture Game Club is the annual highlight of the HCC’s commitment to popularize blockchain applications further and lower the entry barriers to the blockchain industry. After two years of preparation and planning, the Lotus Venture Game Club will be headed by Mark Richardson as the club’s chairman. It will launch in November 2022 as one of its kind, a traditional entertainment business that integrates with blockchain technology.

As a veteran financier who has experienced much in the traditional financial industry, Mark has experienced economic turmoil many times and witnessed the fault in the conventional financial system, which relies heavily on centralized management, making it its Achille’s heel. In 2010, through a long-time friend, Mark joined the blockchain industry. In just ten years, Mark has witnessed the rise of Bitcoin and the NFT hype. He has also participated in developing several GameFi and Metaverse projects, large or small.

Mark admitted that even though he has accumulated rich experience and capabilities in the blockchain industry and was fortunate enough to be involved in the rise and rapid development of decentralized finance (DeFi), he was still constantly blown away by the technology. Especially the influence it brought upon our times and the rapid technological development. This is something that traditional financial institutions could not achieve under centralized management in the past, and it is also one of the selling points of why blockchain technology is so popular among users.

The past decades of experience in fund management and investment have brought Mark the wisdom of planning, the ability to predict business opportunities beyond ordinary people, and solid crisis awareness. As a result, Mark is optimistic and excited about the development of blockchain technology, the unpredictable trends of blockchain technology, and how blockchain technology will change our times; hence without hesitation, he devotes himself to a mission of popularizing the application of blockchain technology. 

Let us take a close look at the development trend of blockchain technology in 2022; it is common to see that more and more industries and businesses are beginning to research on the integration between the industry and blockchain technology. The major challenge during such industrial transformation and development includes an effective integration with the technology and its leader: is he visionary? What are the long-term planning and strategic development? Mark’s rich background in traditional finance and the blockchain industry made him a visionary man with great insights. He proposed a project concept that combines a traditional online entertainment ecosystem with blockchain technology: the Hash Game of Lotus Venture Game Club. It is evident that with his unique experience, background, and mission, Mark has become the perfect choice for the chairman of the Lotus Venture Game Club.

During the pandemic, online entertainment platforms have doubled, if not tripled, in numbers. Mark and several friends found that with the huge demands and traffic, various threats of human manipulation are hidden in the centralized management system of online entertainment platforms. The lack of transparency in centralized management and the centralization of power have led to the constant news of faking the betting results from time to time. Furthermore, the centralized operation model makes it impossible for users to validate the authenticity of the results, let alone participate in the major decisions or benefits of the platform.

With those considerations in mind, Mark feels that the nature of business and the user needs of the online entertainment industry are a perfect fit for the decentralized system brought by blockchain technology. Furthermore, the integrated and easy-to-use entertainment ecosystem dramatically reduces the general public’s difficulty accessing blockchain technology and further assists HCC’s mission to actively promote blockchain technology and digital currency’s application value. Therefore, the Hash Game of Lotus Venture Game Club was born. As a new entertainment ecosystem combining DeFi and GameFi, it empowers traditional entertainment through blockchain technology. As a result, it brings transparent results, featuring a fair and square game mode, revenue sharing, and self-governance of its players. It will make history with its entertainment ecosystem, further appreciating the “decentralized” value brought by blockchain technology. 

Each hash ID generated during transactions is immutable, open source, and traceable. The immutable hash ID, available instantly upon a transaction, is how you participate in a Hash Game. Through this unique way of participation, the Hash Game of Lotus Venture Club has truly created a fair and square game mode that cannot be artificially manipulated. The outcome is completely based on the hash ID generated by the player’s transaction. More importantly, whether it is the reward from winning the game or the insurance claim mechanism triggered by consecutive failures, all transactions are automatically performed by smart contracts.

In addition to a fair, secure, transparent, and green entertainment ecosystem, Lotus Venture Game Club implements decentralization through different sectors. Besides the reward from winning the Hash Game, its Play to Earn mode features a sharing of the profits and revenues generated by the platform’s operation among qualified users.

Mark and the rest at the Lotus Venture Game Club firmly believe that the digital entertainment industry, created by embracing blockchain technology, will be the future of the entertainment industry and introduce blockchain technology to everyone through the fun entertainment it provides. The Lotus Venture Game Club will completely transform the public’s stigma on betting games. As a new entertainment ecosystem in the blockchain era, it will rewrite the past traditional entertainment industry’s lack of transparency and insecurity and bring people an innovative, convenient, secure, and safe digital entertainment experience. At the same time, it will popularise and educate people on blockchain technology, turning it into a norm that everyone is familiar with and marching into a new blockchain era for all together.

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