Colbert Ball Tax Service has been helping people file their taxes accurately for over 15 years and offers 24-hour tax advance services

The company has 5 locations and helps individuals and businesses secure their financial futures with its tax preparation services and tax advance services.

A lot of people dread the tax season, with just one mistake having the potential to lead to a full-blown IRS audit. The tax system also has complex guidelines that are almost impossible for a full-time business to understand. This is where Colbert/Ball Tax Service franchisee Doug Cornelius is making a difference. He has been in business since 2008 and is happy to celebrate his 15th year. Due to their commitment to their clients and the hard work of their staff, they now have 5 locations and are proud to be a part of the fourth largest franchised tax preparation company in the United States.

His company helps individuals and small local businesses prepare their taxes and get through the tax season without hassles. They have seasoned and well-trained professionals with a track record of assisting people in making sense of their financial commitments. The company is passionate about serving its clients and goes the extra mile to help people file their taxes accurately.

They also take pride in helping educate the community for a financially secure future. Their workers care about the needs of each client and work tirelessly to understand their unique business model. Their commitment has enabled them to serve various clients, including small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.

Thanks to their services, their clients can focus on their core competencies and grow their businesses instead of spending late nights at the office wrangling with Excel files and trying to crunch numbers. With businesses in America struggling, the last thing they want to divert their attention from is their taxes. By working with Colbert/Ball Tax Service franchisee Doug Cornelius, you can focus on improving customer satisfaction.

Their tax professionals keep up with the latest changes and complexities better, and this helps them keep their clients in sync with IRS guidelines. With their practices, their clients can save more money with ways to cut taxes or get them deferred. Their staff takes care of all the paperwork and documentation, so there aren’t any errors that could lead to trouble. Their 24-hour and fast tax advance loans ensure businesses never have to worry about liquidity issues.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We are proud to have been serving our community for over 15 years. We offer superior service to our customers and are here to assist clients in their tax preparation needs. Our professionals pride themselves on getting the taxes done right. Whether our clients need a tax refund or want to ensure they don’t owe Uncle Sam anything, we are here to help. We offer free consultations and can help you with any tax problem.”

The company also offers the maximum tax refund allowed by the IRS. Customers appreciate their no-risk price satisfaction guarantee and free refund estimates.

Their company has a team of experienced and qualified tax professionals who will help individuals with all their possible tax issues. Their team of certified IRS tax preparers helps their clients with any tax return. Their seamless processes make tax refunds, tax credits, tax deductions, tax extensions, and filing new returns easy. Colbert Ball Tax Service is open throughout the year at five convenient locations. Their services are affordable, which enables them to help as many people as possible file their taxes on time.

The spokesperson added, “Our support staff is amiable and is always available to help answer queries for our clients.” We want them to know that when it comes to tax season, we have their back always.”

Their fast filing process allows their clients to handle it electronically from their homes. This saves them time and money, which they can invest in growing their business or spending time with their families.

Individuals and businesses interested in free tax estimates or filing with a tax professional can contact them using the information below. Their representatives will reach out to them as fast as possible.

About the company

Colbert/Ball Tax Service franchisee Doug Cornelius has been in business since 2008, and thanks to their commitment to their clients and the hard work of their staff, they now have 5 locations. They are part of the 4th largest tax preparation company in the country. Their team prides itself on going the extra mile to help its clients succeed and achieve their financial goals.

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