Freename x Calimero partnership – The potential of Web3 Naming & Private shards

Two Web3 top players are joining forces to provide their communities early access to NFT Domains on .calimero TLD and a marketing initiative to celebrate this unique opportunity!

Let’s introduce you to these two Web3 revolutionaries:


Freename is the leading Web3 TLDs and Domains platform where users can register and mint their own customized Web3 TLDs. Everyone can also get a passive income with –

Royalties: if you’ve secured Royalties on your TLDs, every time other users buy a domain on your TLD, you will be accredited 50% of the value of that domain. In a nutshell, every user can become a domain owner and make a profit.

Furthermore, on Freename, users can trademark their Web3 TLDs and Domains to protect their own Web3 Identity worldwide.


Calimero is a customizable sidechain built on top of NEAR protocol. It can be viewed as a network of networks. A solution for businesses to access privacy features and enable scaling. Calimero provides you with an infrastructure which shares all the best benefits of NEAR while being enhanced with multiple new features with emphasis on privacy.

Calimero enables you to:

1. Spin off your own private shards (think of a shard as a small private blockchain network that you own)

2. Communicate between your shards and other networks, or between multiple shards (even if the shards are owned by different companies)


Calimero Network decided to get a custom TLD on Freename, to offer their community the chance to register in all exclusivity their preferred domain name on it and to provide all advantages of a Web NFT Domain.

Moreover, all minting fees are covered by Freename and that is very appreciated by all of Web3 community.

Freename and Calimero are joining forces by allowing customers to get directly on the platform their NFT Domains registered on “.calimero” TLD.

This is not only a very unique feature by freename where you can customize and get any TLD you like, but will allow you to create your web3 identity by choosing your preferred name and top level domain!

And with an up and coming privacy-preserving project such as Calimero, the potential of owning a .calimero SLD is essentially limitless.

What is a Web3 domain?

A Web3 domain is minted on the blockchain and it offers several advantages if compared to traditional domains. At there’s a multichain approach therefore you can mint on your favorite chain and moreover the minting fee is covered by Freename itself.

Unlike traditional domains, Web3 domains do not have any renewal fees. 

Once “yourname.calimero” is minted, it’s yours forever and can be used as a crypto wallet address, mail to mail, it can be your metaverse avatar and web3 identity.

Moreover Web3 domains are NFTs since they are unique and minted on the blockchain, therefore they have an intrinsic value which can be highly monetized. With Web3 domains the domain transfer is fast and easy – since it’s processed on the blockchain – and this increases the likelihood of investment success: gone are the days of time-consuming transfers of traditional domains.

To celebrate its launch, Freename decided to partner up with Calimero Network and to offer its users a $20 coupon which can be used to buy any Web3 TLD or Domain. 

The coupon drop will be revealed during the AMA on Twitter space taking place on the 8th November – 5pm CET and any Web3 lover will be able to access this promo.

To use the code, users need to register on where the coupon will be valid for a  week from launch, until 15th November.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get a valuable and unique NFT Domain!

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