COIN ZX – Next-Gen Revolution In Cryptocurrency & DE-FI

CoinZx is one of the world’s first companies who developed auto-matching P2P technology to deal with cryptocurrency businesses and exchanges. Currently, CoinZx is an approved method for withdrawing and depositing currency and is growing rapidly.

However, our plan is to expand our services across international borders in both developing and underdeveloped nations as well. We thrive to serve them with the on-ramp Fiat currency solutions that they deserve.

Things that set us apart from other companies are:

  • Low fees
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • No Fiat fund custody
  • Auto-matching engine instantly 

CoinZx is deployed on Binance blockchain. We will carry on with operating as a self-sustaining Binance based brand with a P2P centric model.

Since the time of CoinZx’s establishment, it has revolutionised the Cryptocurrency Industry. CoinZx has emerged as people’s top choice. Hundreds and thousands of transactions take place every minute, along with 90% of the P2P transactions taking place in just 10 minutes.

The growth rate of the P2P trading system is 9.5% each month. 

We are extremely proud to announce that CoinZx has become one of the fastest, cheapest, simplest, and principled methods to convert Fiat currency to cryptocurrency or/and vice versa throughout the world.

Coin ZX Blockchain-

Coin ZX is also launching its own blockchain that will strengthen ecosystem and appreciate Coin ZX value which will earn huge return on investment for the investors.

Summary : 

Coin ZX is a token built on Binance*s BlockChain (BSC), a token run entirely on dApps (Trust Wallet). Its smart contract runs on the blockchain of Binance. Initital price of Coin ZX was $0.05 and reached to $0.42 in just 2 month’s time.

Use this opportunity to invest and create wealth for the future!

You can reach Coin ZX through various channel. 

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Twitter – @coinzxofficial

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