Fintoch Held Hackathon Launch Event and Announced Its Future Projects

Fintoch, a DeFi project from North America, held a Hackathon Launch Event in Los Angeles on the 28th of October, which not only attracted the world’s top-notch blockchain talents and project founders but also showed a convincing hackathon result. During the event, Fintoch also announced the brand’s future plans, including the financial public chain roadshow and the key training program for blockchain technology talents, which made many crypto technology enthusiasts and cryptocurrency founders present at the event look forward to it.

Fintoch is known to be an emerging blockchain financial platform launched by Morgan DF Fintoch from Silicon Valley. It is dedicated to breaking through traditional financial dilemmas and is slightly famous in the circle of users who follow the crypto market and is one of the DeFi dark horse spotlights in the industry. Fintoch offers multiple financial services, including lending, investing, borrowing, etc. Fintoch’s core feature, HyBriid, which incorporates technologies such as Multiple Signatures and Zero-Knowledge Proof, has greatly contributed to the development of blockchain security.

In order to nurture technical and project talents in the blockchain industry, Fintoch held the “Hackathon Prodigy Program” this year, attracting top-notch blockchain technology talents and cryptocurrency founders from all over the world to be involved.

In this Hackathon Launch Event, each project and team demonstrated their technological breakthroughs. Among them, there are many technologies with high application value at this stage from smart contract security technology and transaction efficiency improvement to user privacy protection technology. In the future, these teams and technologies will cooperate more intensively with Fintoch to accelerate the construction of a new decentralized financial ecosystem.

In terms of future plans, Bob Lambert said he would continue his philosophy of developing technical talent for the blockchain industry and continue to implement the Prodigy Program Hackathon Event. The ultimate goal is to make the future of the DeFi industry and Fintoch itself provide a more secure and stable trading environment.

In addition, Fintoch will soon be embarking on a global roadshow to promote its concept of a public chain that natively supports basic functions such as cross-chain and payments. In the future, it is even planned to establish a new decentralized financial ecosystem based on the public chain to link both online and offline economies, thus assisting third-world countries in achieving economic advancement.

Bob Lambert also revealed the plan to conduct internal testing of the public chain at the end of the year. Such a test will prioritize the community users to participate in the six-month internal testing of the public chain and get a first-hand experience of the convenience of the Fintoch Financial Public Chain.

The achievement of Fintoch has once again aroused the industry’s confidence in the crypto market and proved that projects that really solve users’ pain points and serve the underlying needs can develop well in a bear market without hype or fame. The outsiders are generally optimistic about Fintoch’s layout in terms of talent and future planning, especially the top-notch technical talent which can be said to be an extremely scarce resource in the blockchain industry. All these signs show that Fintoch is not only in good condition, but also has a solid development blueprint, making it a potential blockchain unicorn that experts are optimistic about, and its development is very much something to look forward to.

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