Earth to be Destroyed in 200 Years? NFT Project Crazy Mars Squirrel Brings Hope

A prophecy made by astrophysicist Stephen Hawking in 2010 told us our planet’s demise in 200 years and to survive the catastrophe, humans must emigrate to other planets. Yet, how can human beings fulfill this mission of civilization migration? What brings an answer is a rising NFT project—Crazy Mars Squirrel, with its launch on OpenSea on November 10th.

What is Crazy Mars Squirrel? According to the information, it is esteemed to be a blockbuster with high growth potential. The protagonist of the NFT set, Crazy Mars Squirrel, is a group of mechanized squirrels from unknown interstellar civilizations with a mission to help SuperM save human beings. As space agents well fulfilling their undertaking to protect and guide mankind, they are revered as Crazy Mars Squirrels.

In the era of the Crazy Mars Squirrel, which is now in the 21st century, human beings are facing a dilemma where global warming, natural disasters, and viruses are exacerbating the sense of crisis caused by the great recession. On the other hand, the rapid development of science and technology, as well as productivity gains, are witnessing the emergence of cutting-edge tech that can link virtual and reality, and change production and cooperation methods. Amid such a conflict, the Crazy Mars Squirrel, starts for battle, and assists SuperM in his mission to migrate humans from industrial civilization to the digital civilization, from the proto-universe awash with lusts to the Metaverse full of love and care, from Earth to Mars.

As a dark horse NFT project based on Web3, Crazy Mars Squirrel will undoubtedly bring new hope for the transition of human civilization. Adhering to the connotation of Web3 and altruistic thinking, Crazy Mars Squirrel constantly upgrades its cognition, develops new Metaverse skills, to build the world’s most powerful NFT tribe, present Martian lifestyles, guide the trend of digital civilization, and share the dividends of Metaverse digital civilization.

In the world of Crazy Mars Squirrel, their lofty cause not only includes the migration of human civilization from Earth to Mars but also contains the establishment of a whole new culture—the Crazy Mars Squirrel civilization. As the most advanced civilization that mankind has ever achieved, it is above all, materially advanced: Members are not only free from the struggle to survive, but also no longer subject to lusts resulting in conflicts. People are equipped with high dimensional cognitions, can well perceive the development of digital civilization, and act as value investors. They are the leaders of the new business forms while living in the well. Secondly, the Crazy Mars Squirrel civilization is an advanced spiritual culture. Its members share a novel outlook on the universe and together reshape the spiritual value systems so that human beings can live better lives.

In the world of Crazy Mars Squirrel, each Squirrel works efficiently to infuse valuable creation into the culture of humanity and the building of a spiritual home. Owning a Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT equals owning a Pass card to digital civilization. The NFT holder is also a digital civilization investor, century civilization co-builder, and digital business leader, benefiting from digital dividends and IP copyright beneficiaries.

It has appeared, as the new spark of digital civilization! The advocates of Web3 have got the momentum to start a prairie fire! The Crazy Mars Squirrel with NFT-based Metaverse narrative scenes, will provide a multi-dimensional exploration of the Metaverse. Providing various opportunities for members with dreams to fully empower the project, the Crazy Mars Squirrel team will make all NFT holders share the huge profits brought by project growth and to the first Mars immigrants of “both spiritual and material wealth”. 

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