OSC Open Source Century 2022 November 7, the global community synchronized online public test

According to the official news of OSC Open Source Century, the chain game project – OSC Open Source Century will open its public test globally on November 7th at 12:18pm Singapore time.

Open Source Century is a chain game project with paly-to-earn mechanism, players can get fruits by farming animals, animal upgrades, lottery, ranking, pledging LP and other links, and go live with OSC/USDT trading on Pancakeswap on Nov. 7th.

OSC Open Source Century is a diversified chain game platform based on the BSC Coinsafe chain development. In the whole meta-universe ecology, the game and entertainment ecology can attract more players to join in the early stage, and the combination of virtual online games + blockchain NFT is an important element that is urgently needed in the current meta-universe ecology.

OSC open source century game ecology

Global meta-universe chain tour + NFT scenario game, the first BSC chain, the game TokenPocket in the form of DAPP, to create five application scenarios.

S1 animal husbandry (simple and easy to operate)

S2 The world of the ocean (ocean exploration, competitive breakthrough)

S3 Entertainment center (character shaping, virtual scene socialization, entertainment competition)

S4 SimCity (casting your home NFT)

S5 Interstellar exploration (explore the stars, casting weapons, interstellar war) Integrated multi-element revenue on-chain meta-universe game.

OSC Open Source Century provides Token issuance, game virtual asset trading, and value-added services derived from the game user chain for blockchain games, building the infrastructure of the blockchain game industry, and ultimately creating a free and secure game asset issuance exchange and circulation.

OSC bridges a value exchange in virtual games, subverts the traditional game sharing value ecology, and opens a hundred billion game market feast with global community linkage.

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