Automating Data Entry with Software Like Parseur Saves Businesses Thousands of Dollars on Labor Costs Every Month

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to save money and fight cost inflation. One powerful way to reduce operating costs is to leverage data entry automation. Not only is Parseur helping with this, but the startup is also educating companies worldwide on implementing digital transformation using automation.

Every business, no matter their size, has information trapped in documents that they need for their day-to-day activities. In order to use that information, they often must copy it into their business applications. Consequently, manual data entry has become a repetitive aspect of many office jobs that takes extensive amounts of time and costs businesses thousands of dollars a year.

To tackle this problem and reduce company spending, Parseur offers an intelligent document processing software that automates manual data entry from documents with ease. They also publish educational material on their website where they list numerous case studies and directions on how to automate business processes in industries such as real estate, finance & accounting, logistics and e-commerce.

Parseur’s software and tools

Parseur was founded in 2016 by Sylvestre Dupont and Sylvain Josserand. The team developed an innovative point and click solution to extract data out of emails. This was just the beginning. 

Today, Parseur is used by hundreds of companies of all sizes around the world to automatically extract data from emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, attachments, and other documents. Collected data can be sent to and integrated with thousands of applications in real time. Work that would take someone hours to complete manually is now done instantly and without errors.

Using Parseur is far more cost-efficient than hiring a team of employees or even outsourcing data entry to a country with cheaper labor. In fact, according to a benchmark done in September 2022, a Parseur customer saves on average 142 hours of manual data entry every month. That’s about $65,000 in savings per year for a typical US company!

How data entry automation aids businesses

From pulling data like customer names and contact information out of hundreds of emails to extracting accounting data from invoices, data entry is a repetitive and boring task that often takes hours out of an employee’s time. 

Latest technological advances in automation make it unnecessary to dedicate employees to data entry as their cost is an expense that is weighing businesses down. Parseur is one of the several available document processing solutions on the market. Compared to other platforms, Parseur is usually easier to set up, requires no coding knowledge, and in many cases is more accurate.

Without human error arising from spending hours staring at the same pages and without the speed limitation at which employees can perform data entry compared to a machine, businesses can finally fully leverage the vast amount of data locked in their documents. They can use extracted information to increase sales and make better financial decisions, while at the same time drastically reducing their operating costs. 


Automation technologies are rapidly changing and improving, and businesses should too. With solutions   like Parseur, there’s no need to have data entry done manually by a dedicated team any longer. There are better, cheaper, and faster options out there, and Parseur is leading the way in enabling businesses to become more competitive by leveraging data entry automation. 

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