TorkPad launches a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform

TorkPad is an emerging crypto platform. Recently, the company launched Crypto LaunchPad and decentralized multi-chain fundraising services that allow ventures to raise funds while also providing early-stage trading opportunities with security.

Mumbai – TorkPad is a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform. In the recent development, the company has expanded by introducing its Crypto Launchpad. These new crypto trading features allow ventures to raise funds while also providing early-stage investors security.


The company has improvised the Crypto Launchpad. As the crypto industry expands massively, many projects rely on the decentralized world to raise capital. The Crypto launchpads of TorkPad are also known as crypto incubators, area unit platforms that allow blockchain-based involves elevating the capital whereas giving access to early-stage token sales for their cluster of investors. Getting access to early-stage deals suggests a discount} price for the investors before the final public launch on the market. 

Starting a project through a launchpad provides security to both founders and investors. TorkPad’s crypto launchpad has a strict verification methodology for new projects, and a third party sometimes performs a KYC (Know Your Customer) process as part of further user verification. In addition, launching the project through a launchpad gives new founders access to a community of crypto investors and enthusiasts eager to learn about new projects.

​TorkPad platform has developed a one-tier system with lotteries and a guaranteed method for its user so that every user blessing each level has its peculiarities. However, they are inclined to do and provide each user the prospect to urge the original allocation. TorkPad facilitates its users with the following types of Crypto LaunchPad:

  • Full stream: TorkPad sets the prices for tiers because it is a decentralized launchpad. 

  • Fair & Unbiased Distribution: TorkPad promotes 100% truthful & unbiased funds distribution among the comes. 

  • Easy Allocation: Their straightforward tiered system ensures funds get allotted to any or all the new multi-Blockchain crypto. 

  • Proper verification: During the project selection phase, TorkPad performs extensive verification. 

  • Secured Platform: Because security is of the utmost importance at TorkPad, many security tools and measures, such as using multi-sig vaults for funds and robust transaction validation mechanisms, are enforced. 

Furthermore, TorkPad is now facilitating mass participation in seed/private/IDO rounds through its smart contract architecture and provides a feature-rich platform that enables flexible and decentralized capital management. The primary goal of TorkPad is to build a simple, user-friendly, transparent, and secure IDO platform for everyone, regardless of their previous cryptocurrency experience.  

Private sale will be starts from 20/11/2022 

Public sale will be starts from 25/11/2022

With its staking feature, people can earn higher allocations and staking rewards by holding TPad Tokens for longer periods. As long as their TPad is staked, clients are eligible for any IDOs. The staked amount will be matched with the linear participation system.

Consequently, with its Crypto Lunach Pad, TorkPad is striving to become a significant multi-blockchain launchpad, providing convenient services to the community and assisting projects in effectively raising funds.

About the Company – TorkPad

TorkPad has established itself as a fundraising crypto platform. It thrives towards a mission that requires no deviation from the project creator’s goal or achievement. It provides all features on a single platform so that project developers can quickly raise funds and spread their ideas globally. The company is also looking forward to its upcoming private sale scheduled for phase 2. 

In addition, with Torkpad, people can create a platform with plug-in solutions to problems that businesses face after fundraising and venture investment structures that make retail involvement much safer. TorkPad is also listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. 

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