Dawna Campbell Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Best Selling Book, Financially Fit

Bigfork, MT, USA – November 9, 2022 – Dawna Campbell, The Mind Whisperer, empowers heart-centered people to create instant results by discovering, releasing, and transforming blocked emotions in the subconscious to increase their revenue by 25% or more, consistently. In celebration of the anniversary of her international best-selling book, Financially Fit: Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life, and the upcoming holidays, Campbell is offering a bonus gift of the Infinite Prosperity System – a digital self-course that shares the techniques of Financially Fit – and with every purchase between now and the end of the year, you can gift the program to 2 friends.

“I believe that we are here to make an impact in the world and create a better place – and Financially Fit does just that,” explained Campbell. “It is my life’s work, and people’s lives change for the best when implemented. We are all truly meant to live an Abundant and Prosperous Life.”

The Infinite Prosperity System is a 5-part series that uncovers the universal secrets to creating money and wealth from the subconscious, and instant results happen. The key points are understanding the emotional side of money, identifying the self-sabotaging money afterthoughts, discovering the three keys to opening prosperity doors, and how infinite prosperity relates to you and what to do to increase your abundance, money, and wealth. To save a seat for you and your 2 guests, register online at https://coachwares.com/product/infinite-prosperity-system-3-steps-to-instant-money-creation.

Campbell is a former financial advisor and managing principal of an investment firm, being responsible for over $500 million of other people’s money. “That sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t,” added Campbell when asked why she does what she does. “What it cost me was my health, my marriage, and my financial status.” Today, Campbell has an international healing practice where she shares the universal truths of natural healing, quantum physics, and spiritual law. “There are three areas in life, regardless of country or culture, people desire to heal in: health, wealth, and relationships. What I have found are people all over the globe want happiness, prosperity, and love,” shares Campbell. “Financially Fit: Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life is the first step towards this.”

About Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell is known as The Mind Whisperer, combining her past knowledge as a Financial Advisor with her wisdom of the subconscious creation of money to increase your revenue by 25% or more consistently.

As an international speaker, author, and healer, Dawna Campbell empowers you to live a life of happiness, prosperity, and love. As a Healer of Healers, Dawna shares her techniques during interactive workshops and maintains an international private practice. Her personal heart-centered healing approach is to create a world that is a better place for all to live. Dawna is available for interviews and keynote speaking presentations.

Learn more about Dawna Campbell online on her website at www.dawnacampbell.com or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

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