Top professional speakers join forces to support the next generation of speakers

Eric Thomas, Inky Johnson and Jeremy Anderson unite to create an unmatched speaker training program. “This is our way of changing the world!” – Anderson

November 09, 2022 – Three of the greatest speakers in America have come together to re-launch an enhanced speaker training program titled “Next Level Speakers Academy” to support the next generation of speakers. Dr. Eric Thomas, Inky Johnson and Jeremy Anderson have traveled across the world to speak in classrooms, Fortune 500 companies and corporations, jails, prisons as well as universities and sports teams, but they’re now merging to prove there’s power in partnership with this latest move. 

“I remember knowing I had a gift and feeling frustrated that I didn’t know how to get it out to the world. Once I figured it out, I took off,” Thomas said. “Learning how to train everyone from middle and high school students to NFL and NBA teams to top Fortune 500 companies has changed my life and business. It has also allowed me to impact millions of lives. It’s time for me to reach back and help the next generation of game-changing speakers.” 

Anderson originally created the Next Level Speakers Academy program in 2020, but Thomas and Johnson have joined forces to expand and reach even more people. The renowned speakers have a combined experience of 59 years in the industry and have toured and shared numerous stages together, forging a strong bond in the process. Anderson’s relationship with Thomas also spans over three decades from their time spent together in Alabama.  

“The only thing better than traveling the world while speaking and inspiring people while making a living is helping thousands of others do the same thing,” Anderson said. “That’s how we change the world!”   

The robust online course program will consist of weekly coaching calls in addition to mentorship from Anderson, Johnson and Thomas. An advanced speaker’s elite option is also available, which includes quarterly mastermind sessions in different locations where speakers will receive live, in-person coaching, an opportunity to share the stage and shadow the three speakers on gigs, a demo reel and individual branding in addition to the regular calls and courses, which creates an opportunity of a lifetime. The trio is looking to bring their successful individual brands together to change the speaking and training industry forever.  

“I’m honored and grateful to collaborate alongside Jeremy and ET, to play a small part of something great. The power of collaboration is important because of the benefits of skill sharing, goal alignment, engagement and open communication, to name a few,” Johnson added. “I’m excited to share some of my best practices that I’ve acquired from being a professional speaker for 16 years. In addition, I’m excited to learn and build as a community.”  

Since 2020, Anderson has grown the Next Level Speakers Academy to over 1,000 members who are now successful public speakers. Collectively, after joining forces with Thomas and Johnson, they plan to train 10,000 public speakers in 2023. 

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