Chic glass bottle sets with future wine club memberships launch on Kickstarter

Tri-A-Glass is an innovative set of three 250 ml wine glass bottles stacked vertically with a unique interlocked design to allow users wine lovers to sample a wine in small serving before buying the entire bottle.

Visionary wine connoisseur, Mark Haufrect, has recently launched an innovative wine bottle set on Kickstarter that comes with three 250 ml wine glass bottles stacked in one set with a unique interlocked design. Titled “Tri-A-Glass”, the next-gen wine glass set also makes way for future wine club memberships.

Tri-A-Glass is intelligently designed with versatile usage possibilities. The company has used glass bottles since glass has always proven to be the best way to store liquor. Tri-A-Glass prevents contamination in wine and spirits that is otherwise common given the presence of harmful chemicals in plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

“Being a wine connoisseur, I enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of wine after a long tiring day. But, as all wine enthusiasts have experienced- sometimes I have to open a bottle without knowing whether or not I would be able to finish it before it starts to spoil. Then, many-a-times while shopping for wine, I ended up paying $20-30 for a bottle that I could not even enjoy. I wanted  an opportunity where I would be able to taste the wine first, say, like at a winery, before getting a whole bottle. But, I could not make it past just a few local wineries. Since, there was no other conducive solution available in the existing market, I was prompted to bring the idea to reality. And thus, Tri-A-Glass was born”, stated Mike.

“Tri-A-Glass brings to you smaller bottles that will enable you to enjoy the winery and distillery tasting experience directly to your home.  We have carefully chosen the serving size so that you can have the right amount of your favorite liquor at a time. You have 3 small bottles here that are connected with an innovative interlocked design so that these can stay tightly stacked in one straight vertical line.”

Thanks to the interlocking design, the Tri-A-Glass set takes just the place of one bottle, offering free storage space for storing other things in the  liquor cabinet or cellar. However, if needed, users can detach and  store the bottles individually. Also, made of glass, the Tri-A-Glass bottles are easily recyclable and are less harmful to the environment in comparison to plastic and aluminum counterparts. Moreover, each bottle comes with a reusable cork to minimize waste. 

To make things more interesting, each set comes with cork lights that can turn the glassware into gorgeous lamps.

“Tri-A-Glass is a wine bottle set that every wine connoisseur out there has been waiting for. Also, we are soon to launch our wine club that will work with exclusive large-scale and boutique wineries and distilleries in the country to ensure our users get something different every time they get a Tri-A-Glass at their door. However, such a large-scale endeavor demands robust financial backup- and, hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would enable us to bring Tri-A-Glass to life and make the winning experience more amazing than ever.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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