White Cane Coffee: Enjoy a Great Cup of Coffee That Benefits the Disabled

White Cane Coffee: Enjoy a Great Cup of Coffee That Benefits the Disabled
Discover how CEO Erin Willman is making a difference in the lives of the blind and disabled, one cup of coffee at a time

For the past few years, “diversity” and “inclusion” have become buzzwords in the workplace. And while companies are starting to include themselves in the conversation, only a few actually practice what they preach, especially when it comes to providing career opportunities to the disabled. The sad reality is that more than double the people with disability are unemployed as compared to those without, and this is because most employers equate disability with inability – which shouldn’t be the case.

Having experienced rejection after rejection when applying for jobs due to her disability, Erin Willman – a 22-year-old girl with a vision impairment and autism – decided to flip the script by starting a business that employs people like her. Focused on changing the world one cup of coffee at a time, White Cane Coffee offers not only great-tasting organic coffee but also self-sustaining jobs for people with disabilities. “Here at White Cane, when it comes to disabilities, we don’t just see the disability – we see what people are capable of,” says Erin.

Having lost her vision at the age of 15, Erin founded White Cane Coffee with the help of her parents Bob and Vicki Willman to provide hope, motivation, and employment to the disabled and blind. Recently, her hard work was even recognized by CEO Monthly with a Global CEO Excellence Award for Best Organic Coffee Manufacturing CEO USA).

Still in awe of this achievement, she says “I’m still kind of processing it. It’s very surreal. We are a small business in a small town, and to be recognized globally is cool in its own way because big things don’t just have to come from big places. It can come from small companies. Sometimes the smaller voices can make the larger impact.”

Located in the small, quaint town of Warren, Pennsylvania, White Cane Coffee sells a variety of cold brew blends, coffee whole beans, compostable separate cups, and ground, with an assortment of coffee roasts that cater to different tastes and preferences. These include Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Dark Roast, High Octane, Colombian Supremo Decaf, Donut Shop, and Colombian Supremo, among others.

White Cane Coffee also offers a monthly subscription service, which gives customers the option to have their favorite coffee delivered right at their doorstep every month. Not to mention their coffee bags and boxes have Braille on them, which further reinforces their commitment as a company to uplift the blind community.

For more information about White Cane Coffee, visit their website at http://whitecanecoffee.com/.

About White Cane Coffee

White Cane Coffee is a Warren, PA-based coffee manufacturer that ships organic coffee worldwide and is committed to normalizing the blind and disabled in the workplace.

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