BLOKEES Educational Toys: 2022 Popular Holiday Gifts for Kids

The rapid development of science and technology and the accelerated popularization of the mobile Internet have driven people’s higher demand for toy products, and the intelligence of toys has become the trend of the development of the toy industry. Benefiting from the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies in toys continues to increase, and it also plays an increasingly important role in early education. High-tech intelligent toys satisfy the curiosity of consumer groups (including children and adults), while strengthening the interactive experience between consumer groups and toys.

The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in life such as: Problem solving learning cause and effect. And it is a perfect gift choice for kids on birthdays, Children’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day, etc.

BLOKEES, an expert on building blocks for children aged 1-6, was born in 2015. Based on Montessori’s sensitive period theory and Piaget’s cognitive development theory, BLOKEES and professors from Harvard University have designed and developed building blocks that meet children’s growth needs for sensitive period ability development between 1 and 6 years old. And newly define children’s building blocks – easy to build and interactive.

Why can you believe BLOKEES?

– Professional research on behavioral data of 600,000 BLOKEES APP users

– Investigate 10,000+ users and visit 1,200+ families for the feedback and needs of parents and children

– Over 16,000 build tests for manuals and APP animations

– Tested on the hands of 1,000 children before it goes to market

BLOKEES STEM Educational Buildable Kitchen Playsets have 184 pieces of micro blocks with 2 pieces of personalized stickers which can build 3 scenarios, including a dessert shop, a tasty kitchen, and a family restaurant. And it is safe for kids’health with a rounded design and ABS safe material. Focusing on expressing realistic details, there also is sound function and little lamps, allowing children to enjoy the role-play fun and integrate into the real world. In addition, a cartoon-styled user manual increases acceptance and BLOKEES also provides app online tutorials to help children follow the visual step-by-step directions.


BLOKEES STEM Buildable Kitchen Playsets have 5 building block images – Lucky Spin; Ice Cream Cart; Dessert Shop and Living Room. Kids can assemble them according to the preferences and as a result it can well develop children’s brains and improve their flexibility. With the following safety certifications, CPC/CE/UKCA, etc, ABS plastic assures the safety. Parents can download to explore 1000+ idea and select a feature and follow the visual step-by-step directions through “Blokees – Botzees Junior” APP.


BLOKEES STEM 8-in-1 Building Engineering Blocks Toys fit indoor and outdoor activities and are especially suitable for 4, 5, 6 years kids with 8 models, including Mountain Rescue Truck; Wing Speeder; Explore Truck; Truck Trailer; Convertible off-roader; Repair Station; Heavy Truck and Mecha man. It comes with a remote controller for commands and its built-in sensor can realize a control range of 20 meters. The instruction shows each step in details, a cartoon character named BOBO will tell a story about the rescue vehicle in the manual. The building experience with vivid and detailed instructions will greatly improve child’s confidence and hands-on ability through the official APP of BLOKEES.



BLOKEES 3-in-1 Dinosaur Toys are equipped with a remote stick, a motor base, and 103 block pieces for building three main optional characters: tyrannosaurus, triceratops, and ankylosaurus.  In addition, children can also improve their imagination and creativity by challenging themselves to build their own imaginary creatures through themselves. With the help of this customized app, kids can follow the 3D animations to build the dinosaur step-by-step. It is very interested that the dinosaur can move, reverse, and even make sounds by using the control stick.



BLOKEES has received frequent national and international recognition for its outstanding contribution to toy fields: Toy of the Year (TOTY), BRAIN CHILD, BRAIN TOY, NATIONAL PARENTING PRODUCT AWARDS etc. Whether in Children’s Day, Christmas, or another holiday, BLOKEES Educational Toys will always be in season.

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