My Mia’s Skin Relief, an Australian eczema success story, is launching within the USA.

From using 10 tubes of steroid ointment every month for her eczema to living medication-free for 3.5 years.

With over 10% of the U.S population suffering from eczema, finding fast-acting, & effective eczema relief is on every eczema sufferer’s mind. “The physical & mental pain of eczema is debilitating,” says My Mia’s Skin Relief Founder, Geeta Powani.

Geeta’s daughter Mia suffered severe eczema requiring two periods of hospitalization, with no end to her eczema in sight.

By taking a holistic approach to manage Mia’s skin and using gentle, organic, natural, & toxic-free products, those created by My Mia’s Skin Relief, Mia’s life has changed:

From using 10 tubes of steroid ointment every month…
To now living medication-free for 3.5 years.
From barely surviving to absolutely thriving.

My Mia’s Skin Relief has created a unique three-step system (My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit) based on their first-hand experience as the fastest & most effective way to manage an eczema flare-up.

My Mia’s Skin Relief kit works gently to:
Step 1: Cleanse Skin
Step 2: Calm Red, Itchy, Sore Skin
Step 3: Deeply Hydrate & Nourish Skin

My Mia’s Skin Relief is the perfect first line of defense to manage skin concerns.

The company’s premium, organic, & natural skincare products have helped many people around the world find relief from their eczema.

“We are thrilled to be launching My Mia’s Skin Relief within the United States and support our American brothers and sisters,” said Geeta. “If change is possible for us, then change is possible for you too.”

If you’re struggling with eczema or know someone who is, head over to My Mia’s Skin Relief check out this life-changing line of products.

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