Smarter Payouts: Self-Quoting Payments, The Smart Way

Get an early payout offer instantly for your future pays, according to your financial needs and timeline, with 100% transparency

Why wait months or years to receive your monthly settlement annuity or lottery payments? Does an early upfront lumpsum have the potential to drastically change your life? With Smarter Payouts, individuals can now collect their funds upfront – with 100% transparency – in one life-changing lump sum payment.

Through its patent-pending self-quoting technology, Smarter Payouts gets to provide personalized upfront early payout offers in exchange for a portion of future structured settlement payments, lottery winnings, and self-funded annuities. Clients are also given a detailed report that identifies the factors used to generate their customized payout, with no hidden costs or fees.

In as fast as 2 minutes or less, this online self-quoting platform takes out both the guesswork and pressure caused by sleazy sales tactics. And by doing so, they envision higher participation of newer clients that have been so far discouraged to explore transactional opportunities that exist in obtaining lump sums now instead of waiting on future payments.

At Smarter Payouts, clients get to feel more in control with their own transactions, leading to credible and trusting business relationships.

Get the best value possible – on one’s own terms and time – with an accurate, upfront quote from Smarter Payouts. For more information about Smarter Payouts, visit

About Smarter Payouts

Smarter Payouts is an online self-quoting platform with industry-leading software that provides clients with fast, detailed quotes in exchange for a portion of their future structured settlement annuity or lottery payments.

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