The Wellness Garage: Helping Exhausted Parents Calm Child Anxiety with Readily Available Resources

Parents with anxious kids and anxious teens can now access mental health and parenting resources, all in one place

Today, anxiety and mental health issues in children are at an all-time high. In the United States alone, the 2022 KIDS COUNT Data Book reveals that, in 2020, 12% of children ages 3 to 17 were reported as having ever experienced anxiety or depression, up from 9% in 2016. With rates of anxiety among children at unprecedented levels, parents can’t help but feel frustrated with the lack of readily available resources for helping their kids and their mental health.

To help other exhausted parents gain access to resources to help their children manage anxiety, Sara Zee – a mom, parenting coach, and long-time yoga and meditation teacher – founded The Wellness Garage.

As a mom who happens to have anxiety herself, Sara started The Wellness Garage when she noticed her children had a tendency to worry. She put into practice the things she has used over the years to help them manage their anxious thoughts and started sharing her techniques with other parents. And The Wellness Garage was born. “We aim to be the support many parents who want to raise emotionally resilient kids lack,” shares Sara.

At The Wellness Garage, parents can find parenting classes and online resources created with science-backed, effective tools and simple-to-use mental well-being strategies to help calm their children’s anxiety, reduce meltdowns, and increase adolescent emotional resilience. Their Parenting Course contains specific science-tested tools and mindfulness techniques designed to calm anxiety in moments, reframes the parent’s role from trying to be their child’s hero (rescuing them from anxiety) to one of being their ally. Its goal is to help children become heroes in their own lives while navigating life challenges and experiencing lifetime mental well-being.

The course includes four main components, namely:

1. Education on anxiety and how it manifests in children, among others
2. Outlining the parent’s role in their kid’s mental health, including how to take care of their own mental well-being (because an unregulated adult cannot regulate a child)
3. Proactive tools to help mitigate future anxious moments or panic attacks
4. Management tools that can be used during anxiety attacks to calm children in moments, in real-time

To make things more seamless for parents, the course also includes instructional videos created for their children. These videos help teach the techniques quickly – and reduce the need for parents to try to figure out how to communicate the use of strategies that are new to them too.

The Wellness Garage also has a variety of science-based Mindfulness Journals for developing a resilient, growth mindset in children and a free Facebook group where parents can interact and learn from each other. A Calming Child Anxiety Toolbox, an online guide to help identify anxiety triggers and minimize anxious episodes, is also available on their website – for free.

For more mental health resources and parenting tips, visit The Wellness Garage at

About The Wellness Garage

The Wellness Garage is a company that offers parenting classes and online resources created with science-backed, effective tools and strategies to help exhausted parents calm child anxiety, reduce meltdowns, and increase adolescent emotional resilience.

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