Virtual DDS Support Announces Rebrand as DDS Marketing

Virtual DDS Support Announces Rebrand as DDS Marketing

Ardi Safi & Amir Moghaddam, founders of DDS Marketing
Marketing Company Offers Dental Marketing Hierarchy

November 11, 2002 – Virtual DDS Marketing announced today that it has rebranded as DDS Marketing, better reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting dentists via its holistic approach to marketing, including its Dental Marketing Hierarchy to keep schedules filled with both new and recurring patients. 

DDS Marketing’s signature system is The Dental Marketing Hierarchy, a strategy for maximizing dental marketing budgets. At the base of the pyramid is the foundation for effective marketing and the most important area to invest in – patient retention. Recent studies show that increasing patient retention by five percent can increase profits from 25 percent to 95 percent. A current patient is 60 percent to 70 percent more likely to return for more services whereas the likelihood of converting a lead into a patient is only 5 percent to 20 percent. In order to increase patient retention, DDS Marketing incorporates emailing and retargeting text messages to current patients. 

The next level in the Dental Marketing Hierarchy is Need Based Dental Marketing, ensuring that the dental office has an online presence through Google Ads, Google Maps, directories, and an easy-to-navigate website. Next in the Marketing Hierarchy is Internal Marketing, aimed at creating an ongoing dialogue with the practice’s best patients. At the apex is Interest Based Marketing, the multi-channel approach to engagement with tailored messages for the ideal patient through television ads, billboards, and Facebook Advertising. 

“If a practice were to start its marketing journey, the Marketing Hierarchy describes how you should prioritize and distribute your marketing budget,” explains Amir Moghaddam, of DDS Marketing.

“The way these guys explain marketing, it changed my organization forever,” states Dr. Lee. “Before working with DDS Marketing, I had five different marketing vendors, there was no plan in place and I did not know where I was going. Now, I have one point of contact with a clear marketing plan.”

The Dental Marketing Hierarchy is a system created by DDS Support that increases patient retention and long-term clients while also attracting new patients via a multi-channel system messaging approach.  For more information:

DDS Marketing is a dental-specific marketing company providing holistic Chief Marketing Officer services, including high-quality website designs, Google and/or Facebook ads, television advertising, and billboards to ensure all aspects of marketing are covered. Most importantly, they provide training for clients’ front office and treatment coordinators on how to effectively capture and convert new patient opportunities. DDS Marketing has managed over $30 million in ad spend specifically in the dental market for their dental clients throughout the United States. Discover more at

For more information, please contact Amir Moghaddam & Ardi Safi at [email protected]

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