Manufacturer of slew bearings of a diameter ranging between 200mm to 5000mm.

Slewing ring as one of the important basis of the original construction machinery, over the past 20 years, with the rapid development of the host industry, has been widely used, in addition to the drivers, tower crane, mobile crane and all kinds of form a complete set of crane, also widely used in light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery and robot, tunnel excavator, material piling and taking machine, revolving stage.  In short, it is all between the two parts of the relative rotary movement, but also need to bear axial force, radial force, tilting moment of machinery must be an important transmission original. 


China’s slewing bearing industry has gone through nearly 30 years from the establishment of the course, it from scratch, from small to large, has met the needs of all kinds of host slewing bearing design, manufacturing, testing comprehensive development capacity, for the development of host industry has made a certain contribution. 

Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing manufacturer of slew bearings of a diameter ranging between 200mm to 5000mm.More than 20 years of experience and tradition serve as a guarantee for optimal solutions to technical requirements. Highly qualified professionals offer all technical support, from designing the bearing to subsequent installation and operation of the slewing bearing. 


We ensure the highest quality of slewing bearings using a production traceability system and fully implementing control processes.

Appropriate accuracy and reproducibility of technological operations, guaranteeing a quality final product, are enabled by means of continuously investing into the development of models for dimensioning slewing bearings, and into state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

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