A Unicorn Edutainment-Tech Company from Asia is in the making

An Insight to iGET: Fulfilling Dreams and Aspirations

iGet Holdings is an Edutainment-Tech company based in Singapore with offices currently in Singapore Korea, China, Hong Kong & The Philippines, and setting foot in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Under its entertainment arm, it focuses on Korea & Asia Artistes development & training, concerts & events management, music production & publications, content creation, etc. Under its iGet Hagwon (performing arts training arm), it trains its own Artistes and the general public who are keen to develop the skills of vocal, acting and dancing. Under its technology arm, it has a content production unit in Shenzhen China, and is developing its whole range of Artiste-based metaverse, NFTs, avatars and E/games products and services.

The founders of iGet had a big vision to build a billion-dollar company five years ago. Unfortunately, the pandemic slowed down its growth for 2 years but they didn’t stop the momentum in building its presence in Asia. Here is what they have done.

iGet is supported by a US and Hong Kong based fund called Boulevard Capital Partners (“BCP”) and it will be completing its first stage funding of US$60 million by the end of 2022. This fund will come in handy for iGet to execute speedily its various expansion and acquisition plans. The management of iGet is estimating its average next 3 years’ revenues to be around US$200 million. Over the past 30 years, BCP has developed robust relationships with PE firms, Family Offices, bankers, private lending groups, and investment firms around the world. These valued relationships have allowed BCP group to provide outstanding results for its clients looking for solutions for project funding as well as achieving superior returns on their investments.

iGet is co-founded by the first and only Singapore KPop Group creator Mr. Alan Chan. He created Singapore’s first KPop group ‘Skarf’ which consists of Singaporeans, Koreans and Japanese. Moving forward, he will lead the team to debut another KPop girl group “Oh Bliss” by the first quarter of 2023, followed by another one boy and one girl group in 2023. Mr Alan has with him, a team of very experienced executives based in Korea headed by Mr Lee JT, the former Director of SM Entertainments in Korea.

Also under Mr Alan’s entertainment arm, iGet has acquired a music production & publication arm called “Red Planet”. This is an established company with over 170 music and intellectual properties under its rights. The company has also written songs for Singapore Mediacorp TV drama programs. iGet Entertainment is currently working on 2 movies to be produced in Singapore and Hong Kong, with various Asian castings. iGet believes in bringing Asia resources together to produce the first of its kind in Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

Mr Alan Chan, the Group COO, is the KPop Guru who created Singapore’s first KPop girl group SKarf in 2012.  This time around, he is preparing to relaunch two girl groups and one boy group in 2023. In addition to SKarf, Mr Alan also co-produced “OhBliss” with South Korean Ian Lee, a former Director of SM Entertainment. OhBliss is scheduled to be relaunched next year. During a recent interview by Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore, Mr Alan mentioned that “The team members will all be new faces, and there is at least one Singaporean member. We will definitely provide opportunities for our local talented people.” He further said, “Besides these 2 girl groups, iGet will also launch a new boy group, a Chinese group “2.4” and “Popiscal”, a Biva group playing classical instruments.”

iGet Hagwon is completing its acquisition to take a majority stake in Korea’s Born Star Performing Arts Academy, the Number One performing arts institute in Korea with 19 branches, to provide training for its artistes and those who wish to undergo the same training. iGet plans to open a local performing arts academy next year, introducing the training program of Born Star, and appointing Dr. Ken Chang, a local veteran musician legend who has created stars such as Eric Moo, JJ Lin, A-du and many others, as the CEO of the performing arts academy. It plans to then expand to other parts of Asia and to eventually grow to 100 academies in Asia within 5 years.

In addition to music, iGet has also entered into the film and television industry and is currently preparing a film and a TV drama series to be produced in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea with cast from the region. Mr Alan also said that the company will hold regular auditions in the region to discover more singers and actors. The next audition is scheduled in March 2023 in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines.

iGet is also pleased to work with JP Entertainment to hold concerts in Singapore and Asia. iGet and JP Entertainment have signed and agreed to hold 3 concerts on Kenny G, Kitaro and Aaron Kwok in March, June and October next year respectively.

Having established its traditional entertainment and training businesses, iGet hopes to quickly develop an Artistes based metaverse setting in Korea with various Artistes creations like online concerts, merchandise, social media platform, NFTs, E/games, etc. From now to next year, look out for iGet’s separate announcements for auditions of KPop and movie artistes. iGet is glad to provide a bridge between Korea and other parts of Asia, with Singapore being the first stop.

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Ms. Wenda Ng / Mr. Alan Chan

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Mobile: +65 9188 3555 / +65 8786 1689

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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