Ex-Athlete Turned Business Owner, William Lefear, invests in a High-End Vacation Rental Company, offering Luxury Short term Rentals around the U.S.

Former Athlete, William Lefear, invests in globally expanding luxury vacation rental company, Rich Life Luxury Vacation Rentals Inc, allowing tourists and business professionals from around the world to enjoy their U.S. travels in elegance, and comfort.

Nov 12, 2022 – Miami, Florida, USA – William Lefear, after a successful athletic career, has launched a luxury vacation rental company, offering business professionals, and tourists traveling in the U.S., a unique and classy travel experience. Rich Life Luxury Vacations, a provider of exquisite vacation rentals around the United States, is becoming a leader in the hospitality industry, and tourism attractions.

Rich Life Luxury Vacations has redefined luxury travel, causing even the most elite travelers to be captivated by their rental experience. From exclusive, high end properties in some of

the most well known U.S. tourist attractions, to luxury yacht experiences in Miami, Rich Life has created an experience for their customers to enjoy, and remember.

When asked what direction he plans to take the company, William replied, “Since we started in 2016, we’ve expanded beyond high end real estate, adding luxury vehicles, and water sports to our fleet of rentals. We take pride in providing our customers with a great experience, so we’ve discovered more ways we can cater to their needs, and enhance that experience.”

Amid the current real estate crisis in the U.S., entrepreneur and investor William Lefear buys millions of dollars worth of real estate around the United States to provide short-term rentals to business professionals, and tourists. According to the CEO of Rich Life Luxury Vacations, “We plan to continue to grow, expand, and offer luxury rentals around the U.S. and internationally for year to come.”

Visit the website to learn more about their services. For more information, visit www.richlifevacations.com.


Rich Life Luxury Vacations is a key component of a larger vision for William Lefear, founder the luxury brand. The company, now recognized among U.S. tourists as a luxury vacation brand, is expanding rapidly around the U.S., and internationally. In addition to luxury real estate, the company offers water sport rentals including jet skis and yachts, as well as luxury automobiles in some U.S. markets.

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