Sportlink Releases a Waterproof and Easy-Install Phone Holder Collection

Sportlink Releases a Waterproof and Easy-Install Phone Holder Collection
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Sportlink, a leading phone accessory company, launches multiple bicycle phone holder and iPhone car mount collections. The Sportlink bicycle phone holder with shockproof case is a great addition to the latest iPhone models and fits with the Sportlink phone mount. This unique case is sturdy and durable. It fits a bike mount that can withstand extreme conditions. It has a waterproof design that protects the phone from any damage. This case fits most bicycle handlebars and has a simple snap-on installation for quick mounting, making it an easy-to-use accessory for cyclists of all skill levels.

The Sportlinkcase Bike Mount with Shockproof Case comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It is also available in different colors. A store spokesperson explained, “Each case has a shockproof design to protect your phone from bumps and drops while you are cycling. The cases are designed with a hard plastic exoskeleton that is durable enough to withstand even the roughest roads or trails. To keep your phone safe from cracks or other damage, the company has added extra silicone padding on all sides of the case for added protection. The dual layer design features a TPU inner shell with a hard plastic outer shell to provide maximum protection.”

The Sportlinkcase bicycle phone holder waterproof is a product with IP68 certification. It will help smartphone users keep their phones safe and secure as they ride. The holder is made of sturdy aluminum, with a strong silicone strap to keep it in place. The silicone strap has a small metal piece on the inside to prevent it from slipping out, so your phone or GPS won’t go flying off your handlebars. It has a universal design that will fit any size phone and can be attached to any bike with a handlebar diameter between 0.9″ and 1.7″. Be sure to check out Sportlink’s other biking accessories to protect your precious gadgets!

Furthermore, Sportlink’s iPhone car mount is the perfect companion for the active lifestyle. The mount allows iPhone users to use their phones hands-free while driving, biking, or just about any other activity. It fits any iPhone size, so iPhone users can use it with most iPhones on the market today. Just attach the Sportlink case to the iPhone, insert it into the mount, and you’re ready to go!

The Sportlink iPhone car mount is easy to use and install. Users can attach it to their windshield or dashboard. It has a telescopic arm that extends up to 14 inches, so you can adjust the length of the arm as desired. The suction cup base is sturdy and firm. This mount is made of a high quality material, so it will not break easily. The Sportlink iPhone car mount has a heavy duty grip that will firmly secure the iPhone in place while driving.

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