ADCs With Cytotoxic Payloads May Represent the Future of Cancer Treatment

A number of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with cytotoxic payloads have served to improve outcomes for those patients with cancers, according to the BOC Sciences technical advisor, who added that the future looks bright.

New York, USA – November 14, 2022 – Cytotoxic payload is a crucial part of ADCs that may represent the future trend of ADC development and cancer treatment. BOC Sciences scientific team has successfully launched excellent biological and chemical payloads with a precise action mechanism, small molecular weight, high cytotoxicity, and that can maintain anti-tumor activity after chemically conjugated with antibodies.

Biological Payloads

In order to induce cytotoxic effects, payloads must often incorporate multiple characteristics, such as high cytotoxicity, targeting the inside of tumor cells, and small molecular structure to reduce the risk of immunogenicity. BOC Sciences designs biological payloads of different action mechanisms, including protein toxins and enzyme toxins, which are soluble, easy to bind, suitable for conjugation, and stable, thus presenting ideal properties for clinical trials. Plus, BOC Sciences has contrived associated biological-payload linkers and related reagents, aiming at providing a full range of support for ADC programs.

Chemical Payloads

Using the robust chemical payload production platform, BOC Sciences opens up a well-known group of highly potent microtubule inhibitors, DNA inhibitors, and RNA polymerase inhibitors to improve payload properties and lower IC50 values of small molecule drugs.


Being an advisor and partner is also an important part of the work BOC Sciences does. “We add value not only by offering high-quality payloads but also by helping select the most appropriate one based on their biological/chemical properties and customers’ specific needs. Our extensive ADC experience allows us to mix and match a variety of payload technologies to maximize the clinical properties of the resulting conjugates,” the chief technician introduced their capabilities in detail.

Since not all validated and approved payloads are optimal for a given protein or indication, BOC Sciences enables flexible customization options to tailor the most suitable payloads for a specific protein/mAb. Such customization can make the difference in whether the conjugate will be successful or require an expensive late-stage redesign. Nowadays, BOC Sciences is expecting to be closely connected with clinicians so that its experts can offer the most targeted help.

Efforts are still underway at BOC Sciences to develop cytotoxic ADC payloads and to further investigate antibodies, linkers, and conjugation methods that can move the needle forward.


BOC Sciences is a world market leader in the manufacturing and sale of top-standard antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Its advanced and thorough research on the cytotoxic payloads resulted in many scientific fruits and pioneering work to accelerate ADC drug discovery.

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