Fast-rising Songwriter and Winner of JLSC LeRidge Stereo Drops the World We Live In Single

Talented musician, songwriter, and DJ – LeRidge Stereo, features Tara on his new record, “World We Live In,” a thought-provoking single inspired by several social issues across the globe

LeRidge Stereo has collaborated with Tara (Rebecca) on his new project titled World We Live In. The US-based Nepalese-American songwriter and Finalist of John Lennon Songwriting Competition Session II and Semi-Finalist of the International Songwriting Contest aims to use his musical talent as a tool to drive conversations and deliver the desired changes. 

“A political song of our times and the greed that infests our minds, this is a song for unity, peace, and harmony.” – LeRidge Stereo.

Music is popularly described as a universal language that can control narratives depending on how it is used and delivered to the audience. However, LeRidge Stereo has brought his lyrical prowess and passion for making impactful songs to the fore, with his entertaining yet thought-provoking single as substantiated by the release of the World We Live In single.

The newly released single is inspired by the emotions and frustrations that built up during the pandemic, majorly in Asian communities, especially with the rising incidence of violence and social issues. LeRidge Stereo highlights the subjects of hate, discrimination, and politics touching upon global warming and other related themes.

“Not a whole lot has changed since the 80s when I was born; as we are still fighting for equality in color, gender, and race, among many other injustices and inequalities that occur every day. We still hold hate and greed in our emotions.” – LeRidge Stereo.

The goal of LeRidge Stereo is to heal the world, using music as a tool to address pertinent issues, one song at a time. World We Live In was produced, mixed, and mastered by talented Diwas Gurung, with the duo of LeRidge Stereo and Tara delivering amazing vocals to take listeners on an amazing emotional journey.

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