Skunk In The Roses Is Serving Ear Candy Sweet Enough to Cause a Cavity With Her Recent Single SHU-GRRR

Are you constantly searching for fun dance music and can’t 5ind any good artists? Skunk in the Roses is here to solve all of your problems with her sonically capricious style. She has recently launched a fantastic single named “SHU-GRRR”. This single has been streaming on Spotify and Apple Music since day one of its release. Skunk In The Roses’ songs are full of passion and enthusiasm. Every single song sparks the imagination with brilliant imagery along with a message. She is most famously known for the song “Sad Sad Vampire” from the Mars Roberge 5ilm “Mister Sister”. Amazingly, Skunk in the Roses has shattered the social media noise with her most recent string of releases, and “SHU-GRRR” is one of them. She puts new life into the independent music industry by using a Frankenstein-esque style. Combining 3D, AI, AR, cartoons, photos, video, fashion, and vintage music with modern music technology, the project creates a smorgasbord for your eyes and ears.

“Growing up, I loved to dream up characters, costumes and stories. Through a lot of hard work, self-guided learning and perseverance, I am now able to immerse myself into these otherworldly realities for all to see.” said Debra Haden Roberge creator of Skunk in the Roses

About Skunk In The Roses

Skunk in the Roses was of5icially formed in 2016 by Debra Haden Roberge in Hollywood, CA but the idea came to her in 2011 when she found a skunk hiding in the neighbors’ rose bushes. A lover of vintage music, 3D, technology, cartoons, and fashion, Roberge strives to create a multi-dimensional experience that takes the listener deeper into their imagination not just with visuals but by “painting with sounds”. Skunk in the Roses’ music has been best described as “sonically capricious”. The founder, Debra Roberge has been

dreaming of making her idea for 3D shows even more interactive since its inception and with advancements in AI and AR that dream is now possible.

SHU-GRRR is her proud presentation where technology and reality blur the lines to create a multi-media feast for your senses.

Smell the sound and hear the scent“ ~ says Debra Haden Roberge

You can also enjoy the new AR 5ilter that was created for you to use to celebrate the new single SHU-GRRR called “Queen of Sweet”. Check out her Instagram and Facebook now to use in this effect. Search Skunk in the Roses to 5ind her on social media. She has much more to share with you and is continuously releasing new AR 5ilters on these platforms. The new single has two music videos available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Follow her everywhere to get updates on their upcoming songs before anyone else!

Skunk in the Roses was last seen on Fairfax Blvd near the Grove handing out samples of her skunk and rose essence perfume called “Rabid Perfume”. So be on the lookout if you are ever in Hollywood. You might just 5ind yourself sprayed by a skunk. A truly unforgettable encounter indeed.

“You would think that people would have been aghast but they were mostly just intrigued.” ~ said Roberge

SHU-GRRR Video 1:

SHU-GRRR Video 2:


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